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Sep 25, 2023 / 22:43

Vejo: A vegan restaurant inspired by international gastronomy

Located in the center of Hanoi, Vejo is a vegan restaurant serving dishes influenced by the cuisines of Vietnam, Japan, Thailand, China, and Malaysia.

A great dining vegetarian restaurant may be found in the center of Hanoi's busy core. Those who enter Vejo, or Vege Journey, find themselves in a calm, cozy setting where they may have a superb dining experience, whether vegetarians or carnivores.

 Vejo is located at the heart of the capital.

Looking at the menu, I get the impression that Vejo's owner is a fan of beauty. Each meal is made using premium ingredients that have been carefully chosen and artistically presented.

For religious or lifestyle reasons, many people choose a vegetarian diet. Vejo's owner, Thai Thanh Thuy, believes that vegetarian meals show compassion for the planet. She, therefore, pays close attention to every last detail of her cuisine.

I go to a vegetarian restaurant to discover a fresh sensation, a change after a long day of eating meat. As a food and beauty enthusiast, I was immediately attracted when Vejo's first dish was placed on the table: blue sticky rice. The dish has an appealing blue color that draws attention at first glance.

 Blue stick rice is the signature dish of the restaurant. Photo: Ngo Minh/The Hanoi Times

The soft, sticky rice is filled with crushed nuts. I no longer believe that this meal is just vegetables. Simply put, it's fantastic.

Fusion cuisine is one of Vejo's specialties. Perhaps this explains why Vejo, located in Hanoi's tourist-heavy central district, attracts many international visitors. They can choose from Japanese dishes such as teriyaki rice and miso ramen, Thai larb, famous spaghetti from Italian cuisine, or Malaysian curries and laksa.

 Hargow, made with dragon fruit extract, is filled with nuts and beans and served with soy sauce. 

Thuy said, "I do eat meat, but I also prefer vegetarian food, and not for religious reasons. I don't want vegetarian dishes where vegetables replace meat; I want good vegetarian food."

After some occasions, Thuy realized that the very act of reducing meat consumption could help protect the environment.

 The cozy atmosphere of Vejo. Photo: Ngo Minh/The Hanoi Times

In addition, there are many types of plant protein that are completely good substitutes for animal protein. So people can ultimately reduce meat consumption, which is good for health and good for the environment, Thuy said.

 Mooncakes are made from different kinds of organic nuts.

This is how Vejo, which means "The Vegetable Journey", was born. Over the past three years, Thuy has realized that the name Vejo not only means exploring vegetable ingredients but also discovering the essence of nature.

In studying the body's nutrition, Thuy and her team found that each plant contains incomplete proteins. The ingredients must be harmoniously combined to create complete proteins that nourish the body.

"The essence of Vejo's existence is nothing more than taking care of people's health and inspiring a love for vegetables," she shared.

 A feast of vegan food by Vejo.

Gourmet Julia Brinkmann dined at Vejo with her friends. She said it's a perfect place to escape the noisy traffic and eat very tasty, fresh food that's definitely made with love.

"I tried the teriyaki rice with mushrooms and the cheese baked mushrooms. It was a perfect experience. You should definitely go there, even if you are vegan, vegetarian or not," she said.

 Fried mushrooms are crispy and crunchy. Photo: Ngo Minh/The Hanoi Times