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Sep 03, 2021 / 14:37

Vietnam, US takes new leaps in bilateral relations

The strong Vietnam-US relations show a great example of how old foes are befriending.

The Vietnam-US partnership has come so far, which shows the great vision of the late President Ho Chi Minh for bilateral relations.

“The successful visit of Vice President Kamala Harris is another right step to strengthen such relationship.”

Vietnam’s Ambassador to the US Ha Kim Ngoc gave the remarks at a meeting of the Vietnam Spark Plan, held for the first time on September 2 by the Boston Global Forum, to discuss solutions for Vietnam in the Covid-19 fight and economic recovery.

 Overview of the meeting. Source: Vietnam Embassy in the US

The meeting drew the participation from experts, economists, and healthcare specialists, including former Governor of Massachusetts and President of the Boston Global Forum Michael Dukakis, former Acting Secretary of Commerce Cameron Kerry, Co-Chair of the UN Centennial Initiative Ramu Damodaran, Harvard Professor and Board Member of the Institute for Leadership of Innovation (MDI) Thomas Patterson, among others.

In his opening speech, Ngoc said Vietnam is currently facing the most serious Covid-19 outbreak yet with severe socio-economic consequences.

“The Vietnamese Government has been taking steps to contain the pandemic as soon as possible, along with efforts to gain access to multiple vaccines supplies,” Ngoc added.

Ngoc expected the Vietnam Spark Plan, aimed at promoting the Community Innovation Economy and AI World Society (AIWS) Ecosystem in Vietnam, to continue providing breakthrough ideas for Vietnam to overcome challenges and maintain its rapid growth.

For his part, President of the Boston Global Forum Michael Dukakis stated the current strong US-Vietnam relations show the world an example of how old foes have turned into friends, and expected to continue supporting Vietnam in containing the pandemic.

Dukakis added health efforts in the Covid-19 fight and economic development are key factors for Vietnam to emerge stronger from the pandemic.

Meanwhile, Professor at Harvard Business School John Quelch urged Vietnam and ASEAN countries to strengthen cooperation in drafting a regional healthcare strategy to ensure its autonomy on vaccines and addressing mental issues of the people, along with efforts to support small enterprises affected by the pandemic.

Co-founder and Director of MDI Nguyen Anh Tuan noted following this meeting, the Vietnam Spark Plan would continue to hold further discussion sessions and set to publish a report by late November.

At the meeting, delegates called for the Vietnam Spark Plan to soon become a forum for leaders, strategists, and experts from the US, G7, or Europe to contribute solutions and recommendations for Vietnam development while promoting Vietnam’s contribution to the building of a secure, peaceful and prosperous world.