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Apr 26, 2022 / 15:31

VinFast to sell electric cars in Israel by the end of this year

Israel is expected to be an ideal market for the Vietnamese automaker to promote its electric vehicle business.

VinFast, the Vietnamese emerging global electric vehicle (EV) company, will sell electric cars in Israel from the end of this year and has chosen B-EV Motors as its electric vehicle (EV) distribution representative in Israel.

 VinFast will sell EV models in Israel. Photo: VinFast

According to the cooperation agreement, B-EV Motors will only sell VinFast's cars.

VinFast’s first two electric models, the VF 8 and VF 9, which were debuted at the 2021 Los Angeles Auto Show and CES 2022, will be made available for reservation in the Israeli market by the fourth quarter of 2022 and come with a 10-year or the first 200,000-km warranty policy. 

According to the Vietnamese brand, Israel’s goal of reaching 100% EV on its roads by 2030 and the adaptability of its transportation infrastructure represent the driving forces behind the country’s development of electrified mobility. 

These qualities are in addition to Israel’s other distinctive features, including short driving distances, lower electricity prices compared to raw materials, and advanced technical infrastructure that makes the country an ideal market for the Vietnamese EV brand to rapidly promote its brand and products.

About this partnership, Le Thi Thu Thuy, Vingroup’s Vice Chairwoman and VinFast Global CEO, said: “Our vision has been set on becoming a global electric vehicle brand from the very beginning.”

She added Israel is an ideal destination for VinFast global expansion and journey toward the Future of Mobility. B-EV Motors will lay a solid foundation for VinFast’s presence in this market. 

“Most importantly, we share the same vision for electrified mobility: transportation must be greener, smarter, and always enjoyable on every journey,” she underlined.

Dror Michman, President of B-EV Motors, said: “We visited VinFast’s manufacturing complex in Vietnam and were impressed by its state-of-the-art manufacturing lines. In addition to VinFast’s vision, we share their production level in terms of quality and speed. VinFast has great products and we believe that VinFast will become the leading electric car company in the Israeli market in several coming years.”

B-EV Motors is founded and led by renowned and experienced experts in the automotive industry, which is backed by Novard’s partners who are leading technology companies in the market.