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Nov 30, 2021 / 15:08

Wild pear flower season comes early on the streets of Hanoi

Normally, late February to early March is the best time of year to observe the vibrant wildflower of pear in some streets in the capital city. This year, however, the wild pear flower season arrived more than two months earlier than usual.

The weather turned abnormal this winter, the temperature suddenly dropped in the first days of winter in the northern mountainous region, causing the forest wild pear flowers to bloom earlier than normal.

Although there are still two months left until the Vietnamese traditional Lunar New Year (usually falls in February in the western calendar), many traders in Quang An flower market (Quang An Ward, Tay Ho District, Hanoi) have already displayed the wild pear flower for sale instead of February next year as usual. The wonderful branches of vivid pure white flower are brought in the mountainous provinces of Lao Cai, Lang Son and Cao Bang.
  1. Hanoians are quite surprised and delighted to see the gorgeous wild pear flowers adorning Hanoi streets on early winter days. 
  1. Normally, the flowers are only sold in Hanoi after the Lunar New Year Festival in late February, early March.
Many Hanoians select a branch of wild pear flowers to decorate their houses on the occasion of the year-end parties. They do not mind spending a fair amount of money on an old wild pear flower branch in beautiful shape with vivid white pure flowers.
  1. According to a seller in Quang Ba Flower Market, branches of wild pear flowers with beautiful shapes and loads of flower buds are much sought after. The type of flowers has its own distinct beauty that no other flowers can compare to. “Furthermore, pear flowers are usually very durable. The flowers bloom for about a month, but with professional care, the blooming time can be as long as two to three months,” he stated. 
  1. This is a good time to buy a branch of wild pear flowers for adorning the houses even after the traditional Lunar New Year festival. The price for a branch of the wildflower is quite high compared to last year's season, from around VND2 million (US$88) to VND4 million ($176) for a two to four-meter-high branch with beautiful shape and uncountable flower buds.  
A wild pear flower buyer, Hang Nguyen from Nam Tu Liem District, Hanoi, told The Hanoi Times that she wishes to purchase a branch of the flower to decorate her home for various awaited parties ahead. “This is a rare opportunity to admire this beautiful flower so early. The price of flowers is also higher than the last season, but it is still affordable for me,” she said. 
  1. Wild pear flower is also called Pyrus Pashia Buch. In Vietnamese folk medicine, the branches and leaves are used as an antidiarrheal agent, and its flowers are used as a herbal medicine for lowering blood lipids.