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Sep 22, 2020 / 09:35

Cold spell continues to hit Hanoi and northern Vietnam

From September 24 to 25, showers and thunderstorms with tornadoes, lightning, hail, and strong winds are expected to hit Hanoi and northern Vietnam.

Hanoi and northern Vietnam will experience a new cold spell with the temperatures dropping to 24-28 degrees Celsius on September 24, according to the National Center for Hydro-Meteorological Forecasting (NCHMF).

In the first three days of this week, it will be sunny in the North and then thunderstorms will occur due to the the arrival of the cold snap.

From September 24 to 25, showers and thunderstorms with tornadoes, lightning, hail, and strong winds are expected during the day and night.

 Hanoi and the northern Vietnam will experience new cold spells. Photo: Zing

At the end of this week, there will be scattered rains in the north due to the influence of the cold snap. The temperature in Hanoi will fall below 28 degrees. In the highlands like Sapa town, which is 1,500 meters above sea level, the temperature can drop to 10 degrees Celsius.

The NCHMF predicts that by late September, one or two tropical cyclones could be formed in the East Sea and trigger downpours across the central region and Central Highlands. People are advised to be on the lookout for storms, lightning and strong winds.

The center also said that after storm Noul, which made landfall in Vietnam's central provinces last week, some five or seven tropical storms and depressions would occur in the East Sea in late 2020.

The East Sea could see 11-13 storms and tropical depressions this year, with half of them affecting Vietnam, meteorologists warned, adding that its long coastline makes Vietnam particularly prone to destructive storms and flooding.

People should well prepare for heavy rains, especially heavy and prolonged ones in the central region in October and November 2020.

In the dry months of 2020-2021, out-of-season rains are likely to appear in the Central Highlands and the South.

Storm Noul causes heavy damage in Vietnam’s central provinces

Storm Noul, the fifth tropical storm this year in the East Sea, has claimed at least six lives, left 112 others injured and caused a massive blackout in central Vietnam, according to the Central Steering Committee on Natural Disaster Prevention and Control.

The worst affected place is Thua Thien-Hue province, where at least four people died. In the tourist city of Danang, torrential downpours since last Thursday inundated many houses in Thanh Khe district, the committee said.

It reported that storm Noul destroyed ten houses and tore the roofs of 22,560 others, flooded 79 houses, 115 hectares of rice fields, 170 hectares of crops, while damaging 1,150 hectares of forest, 300 hectares of fruit farms and 40 hectares of aquaculture farm