Jan 08, 2019 / 11:52

Colorful activities expected at 2019 Ban (Bauhinia) Flower Festival

The annual festival aims to introduce, conserve and promote Vietnam’s ethnic minorities groups cultural identities.

The annual Ban (Bauhinia) Flower Festival will take place in the northwest province of Dien Bien from March 13 to 18 with many kinds of cultural activities, Vice Chairman of the provincial People's Committee Le Van Quy said at a press conference on January 7.
Several activities to be held during the 2019 Ban (Bauhinia) Flower Festival. Photo: vov.vn
Several activities to be held during the 2019 Ban (Bauhinia) Flower Festival. Photo: vov.vn
The highlight of this year’s event will be an opening ceremony titled “Ban (Bauhinia) Flower shining at Muong Thanh” with a special art performance program.
Accordingly, this year’s festival will feature an exhibition on the traditional culture of Dien Bien’s ethnic groups, including folk singing and dancing performances; an introduction on cultural and tourism products, food, traditional handicrafts, sports representation, and a beauty contest.
In addition, the sixth Dien Bien Culture, Sports and Tourism Festival will be opened on this occasion. Vice Chairman of the provincial People’s Committee Le Van Quy said that the festival as part of activities to mark the 65th anniversary of the Dien Bien Phu victory (May 7, 1954 - 2019).
According to Le Van Quy, the festival is held annually with an aim to introduce and preserve the local cultural values and heritages, as well as promote its tourism potential and strengths, contributing to accelerating local socio-economic development.
The festival began in 2014 on the 60th anniversary of Dien Bien Phu’s victory. It is designed to promote the image of Dien Bien province and ban flower (scientifically known as Bauhinia Variegata), which has become a symbol of the land and people of Dien Bien and the northwest region in general, and is also seen in other parts of the country. The flowers often blossom in March - April.