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Dec 20, 2023 / 22:10

First Franco-Vietnamese female parliamentarian inspires young generation

Young overseas Vietnamese are expected to act as a bridge between Vietnam and France, in the political sphere, and cultural and associative activities.

Stéphanie Do, the first female French parliamentarian of Vietnamese origin, hopes to inspire the younger generation within the Asian community in France, encouraging them to take a greater interest in political affairs – a truly noble mission.

 Overview of the event. Source: VNA

Do shared this view during a roundtable discussion on her book “The Road to the National Assembly of the First Franco-Vietnamese  Female Parliamentarian” on December 18.

This marked the first release of the book in France. Published in both Vietnamese and French, this book serves as a splendid commemoration of 50 years of diplomatic relations and 10 years of the Vietnam-France strategic partnership.

During the book launch event, author Stéphanie Do, who is also the protagonist, presented her 53-page autobiography divided into 6 chapters covering topics such as family traditions, the journey to France, the desire to study and make a positive change in life, as well as the challenges, obstacles, and achievements encountered in the academic realm.

The narrative also delves into the journey to pursue a career in civil service, the campaign process, and the progression from nomination to election as a  female deputy.

In the preface, French President Emmanuel Macron praised Stéphanie Do's "tenacity, her desire to succeed, and her dedication to others." He acknowledged her unique background—born in Vietnam, raised in France—and her journey to becoming a member of the National Assembly, emphasizing her ability to "seize every opportunity that France  has given her and repay France a hundredfold."

At the event, Stéphanie Do expressed her desire to encourage young overseas Vietnamese to act as a bridge between Vietnam and France, not only in the political sphere but also in cultural and associative activities. She envisions working together to help young people explore new fields and voices.

According to her, the Asian community in France is large and talented, yet relatively few individuals are pursuing a political path. As the first Asian parliamentarian, she aims to guide younger generations interested in pursuing a political career, hoping that more people of Asian descent will enter politics to make their voices heard and contribute not only to France but also to their homeland, Vietnam.

Her account of the relentless efforts of a Vietnamese immigrant in France has left a positive impression on readers. Speakers and guests alike expressed their admiration for her determination to succeed.

Pierre Manenti, Deputy Director of the Office of the Minister in Charge of Local Governments and Rural Affairs, shared his sympathy for Stéphanie Do, citing their collaboration on housing, reconstruction, construction, and social housing issues during her tenure in the National Assembly.

 Stéphanie Do signs books at the event. 

He expressed his honor at being invited to the launch of the female deputy's autobiography and noted that Stéphanie Do is a courageous, determined, warm, and talented person.

"As her friend, I am happy to be part of this significant moment in Stéphanie Do's journey," he added.

Anoa Suzanne Dussol, a French reader, described Stéphanie Do as a representative of the dynamic and talented young generation who embodies the fusion between Vietnamese and French cultures. She hoped the young Vietnamese generation in France would embrace responsibility and shine, following in Stéphanie Do's footsteps.

Nguyen Diane Thu Dung, an overseas Vietnamese reader, echoed similar sentiments, describing  Stéphanie Do as a resilient woman who overcame numerous obstacles to achieve what few Vietnamese women abroad have accomplished. She emphasized that Stéphanie Do serves as an exemplary figure for women to emulate.

Born in 1979 in Saigon into a traditional Southern intellectual family, Stéphanie Do, with familial ties to the famous teacher Do Quang Dau, moved to France at the age of 11. Despite facing challenges, she became a deputy of the French National Assembly for the 2017-2022 term, becoming the first French female parliamentarian of Asian descent.

Throughout her five years as a parliamentarian, Stéphanie Do actively worked to strengthen France-Vietnam relations, serving as the Chairwoman of the France-Vietnam Friendship Parliamentary Association. Notably, she played a pivotal role in advocating for France to donate 600,000 doses of the Covid-19 vaccine to Vietnam during the height of the pandemic.

Stéphanie Do's remarkable journey to a position of national prominence is a significant source of inspiration for those aspiring to enter the realm of politics.