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Jan 18, 2024 / 18:10

Giant dragon-shaped kumquat bonsais amaze passers-by in Hanoi

The kumquat bonsais in the shape of the sacred dragon zodiac are well received by customers for their impressive and unique style.

As the zodiac sign for this year's Vietnamese Lunar New Year is the Dragon, countless items are created in the shape of the sacred animal, including these dragon-shaped ornamental plants. With the stunning and meaningful kumquat bonsai trees on display in the streets of Hanoi to warm up the Tet holiday atmosphere, everyone is happy to welcome the Year of the Dragon with good expectations.

The dragon, a mythical animal, has only appeared in legends but is by no means alien to the Vietnamese. According to Eastern beliefs, the dragon is a symbol of royal authority, prosperity, luck, and power. Meanwhile, along with peach blossom, kumquat is one of the essential ornamental plants for many Vietnamese families during Tet or Lunar New Year. A fruit-laden kumquat tree is said to make a house brighter and warmer and bring good luck to the family.

These chic kumquat bonsais in the shape of sacred dragons on display in the open air attract the attention of passers-by on Lac Long Quan Road, Tay Ho District, Hanoi. Duy Khanh/The Hanoi Times
The beauty of the giant bonsai leaves everyone who sees it in awe.
The dragon-shaped ornamental kumquat is made by artisan Nguyen Duc Anh, 33, from Hanoi's Bac Tu Liem District.
 According to the Hanoi artisan, it took him three years to shape this dragon kumquat tree. 
 "It is difficult to bend a kumquat into the shape of a dragon, but it is even more difficult to 'give life' to a tree," he said.
 Each dragon-shaped ornamental tree costs quite a lot, about VND100 million (US$4,000).
The unique Dragon Kumquat tree is over 2m tall and provides over 3.5m of shade.
These little decorations make the Dragon-shaped kumquat look even better.