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Oct 01, 2022 / 12:47

Hanoi enhances communication on wildlife protection

The program helps children understand their own and the community's roles and responsibilities in wildlife protection.

The Hanoi Wildlife Rescue Center has effectively taken many communication measures to raise public awareness of wildlife and biodiversity protection with a focus on young people.

Every student is a campaigner 

Today, wildlife protection is one of the urgent issues, as many animal species are in danger of extinction due to poaching and trade. The awareness of young people, the future generation of the country, plays an important role in the politics of any nation.  

Aware of the importance of the issue, the Hanoi Wildlife Rescue Center has actively developed a plan to disseminate the wildlife protection law in the city's schools.

Specifically, from 2016 to 2019, the center implemented a wildlife protection education program for high school and junior high school students in Hanoi, attracting tens of thousands of students and teachers.

A doctor treats a big-headed turtle at the Hanoi Wildlife Rescue Center. Photo: Anh Ngoc/ The Hanoi Times

The center has printed vivid images and slogans on fans calling on the community to come together to protect wildlife and nature. In 2021, 25,000 of these bamboo fans were given to students in 25 schools in the two districts of Soc Son and Dong Anh. In 2022, the center aims to deliver 32,500 plastic fans to students in 50 schools in two districts of Me Linh and Ba Vi.

Director of the Hanoi Wildlife Rescue Center Luong Xuan Hong said the communication activity is aimed at educating kids about a sense of self-awareness in protecting wild animals, conserving biodiversity and ecological environment.

"The program helps children understand their own and the community's roles and responsibilities in wildlife protection. As a result, each student will become an active propagandist for their families, friends and relatives in raising awareness of wildlife and nature protection." Hong told The Hanoi Times.

He added that communication about wildlife protection at school over the years has been highly valued by school principals. "Many students have become active members of international organizations working on biodiversity and wildlife protection. Many others have won prizes in international competitions in this field. This is the clearest demonstration of the effectiveness of wildlife protection propaganda in schools," said Hong.

Responsibility for a better community

Wildlife protection is the responsibility of the entire community. Communities play an important role in preventing poaching, illegal wildlife trade and consumption, as well as potential zoonotic pandemic threats and the potential for transmission from wildlife to people.

However, according to the director of the Hanoi Wildlife Rescue Center, the awareness of the authorities and the population about the importance of rescuing and conserving wild animals is insufficient.

"Not much attention has been paid to the propaganda of guidelines, policies and laws on biodiversity conservation and protection of wild animals. To improve the effectiveness of propaganda to protect wildlife, in the coming time, the center will create communication programs on the harms of hunting and eating wild animals. The programs will be disseminated in various forms." Hong shared with The Hanoi Times.

"In addition, the center will continue to strengthen international cooperation in funding support and technical training on the care and protection of rare wild animals. At present, the center has come up with the idea of establishing a biodiversity conservation facility and further improving the animal housing system and the campus to organize learning visits for students (free of charge) from 2023," Hong said.