Apr 20, 2018 / 06:28

Hanoi reviews investment activities in Q1

Hanoi has recently reviewed activities of the People’s Inspection Board and Community Investment Supervision Board in the first quarter of 2018.

It aims to increase effort for burning issues, projects and works which directly affect people’s life, and legal documents and policies of the State, thus increasing people’s faith in the Party and local governments.
Hanoi reviews investment activities in Q1
Hanoi reviews investment activities in Q1
In the first three months of 2018, the People’s Inspection Boards, Community Investment Supervision Boards and core working groups perform their tasks according to political missions, functions and rights under legal regulations, and guidance of the Fatherland Front Committees at all levels. They also receive feedback of the people and request competent authorities to handle the problems promptly.
People’s Inspection Boards supervised 2,358 cases, detected 546 cases suspected of violation, and asked competent authorities to handle 493 cases. 445 cases were timely resolved; 1,879 square meters of land and more than VND 368 million were withdrew. Other cases are being processed by competent agencies at levels. 
Furthermore, People’s Inspection Boards cooperate with other agencies to conduct supervision in different fields, such as construction order management, implementation of democracy at grassroots level. 
Through the supervision, the People’s Inspection Boards timely suggest amendment, rectification to the competent authorities, thus contributing to maintaining order and security in the area. 
For example, the People’s Inspection Boards of Kim Son commune and Dong Du commune (Gia Lam district) detected encroachment upon public land, and suggested withdrawal of 75 square meters. People’s Inspection Board of Nghia Do ward (Cau Giay district) received people’s report, conducted site inspection and detected unlicensed construction. The Board then asked local governments to take coercive measure and remove the unlicensed item.
From the beginning of 2018, the Community Investment Supervision Boards proactively conduct supervision over 1,716 works, and assign members to monitor the construction sites to prevent potential infraction. 
Through the supervision, 103 construction works suspected of violations were detected. Violations and improper investors were reported to the governments at different levels. 
Announcements were sent to 94 construction works and projects, and were implemented strictly by the investors. That has contributed to heading investment in the right direction according to approved planning and socio-economic development task of the localities.