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Dec 05, 2017 / 16:32

Hanoi: Six industrial clusters to be established

The Municipal People’s Committee issued a number of decisions (8202/QD-UBND, 8203/QD-UBND, 8204/QD-UBND, 8205/QD-UBND, 8206/QD-UBND, and 8207/QD-UBND) on establishing industrial clusters in Ba Vi, Quoc Oai, Phuc Tho and Ung Hoa suburban districts.


Under the decisions, Lien Hiep industrial cluster will be built in Lien Hiep Commune, Phuc Tho District, covering 8.1 hectares. It aims to overcome the scattered development of industry in occupational villages, solve environmental problems, create favorable conditions for enterprises, and encourage the capable enterprises to rent land for manufacturing. 

That will contribute to increasing the state budget, creating jobs for local laborers, and contribute to the change of economic structure in the area. The small and medium-scale industrial cluster will be destination for small and medium-scale enterprises with different fields, such as garment, embroidery for export, rattan and bamboo, mechanics, and processing of agricultural products which are less harmful to the environment.

Bac Van Dinh industrial cluster will be built in Van Dinh Town, Ung Hoa District, covering 50 hectares. It aims to materialize the socio-economic development in the district, develop clean and light industries, especially agriculture and forestry processing, embroidery, bamboo and rattan, mechanical manufacturing, and material production.


Yen Son industrial cluster will be built in Yen Son Commune, Quoc Oai District, covering 8.76 hectares. It aims to increase socio-economic development of the district, and focuses on industry development (soundproofing materials, rubber foam, and forestry products processing).

Cam Thuong industry cluster will be built in Cam Thuong Commune, Ba Vi District, covering 15.59 hectares. It focuses on developing industry and handicraft (garment, footwear, electronics, handicrafts and construction materials).

Phuc Tho industrial clusters will be built in Phuc Tho District, covering 20.6 hectares. It focuses on developing clean, multi-industries and less harmful technologies. Dong Giao industrial cluster will be built in Ba Vi District, covering over 20 hectares. It focuses on the development of industry and small handicraft industry.