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Jan 20, 2023 / 17:18

Serene calm reigns Hanoi ahead of Tet

After millions of people have left the capital for their hometowns, Hanoi becomes calm, a rarity in one of the country's busiest cities.

 Hanoi, one of Vietnam's busiest cities, becomes calm as people begin to enjoy Tet (Lunar New Year) festival, which lasts from January 20-26, 2023. Photo: Pham Cong/The Hanoi Times

The Nga Tu So junction, one of the busiest places in the city at rush hour, is no longer as crowded as it was before Tet. Photo: Pham Cong/The Hanoi Times

 Ring Road 3 is almost clear, while it used to bear a heavy traffic load in the pre-Tet time, as millions of people and vehicles moved through it from northern provinces to eastern and southern Hanoi. Photo: Pham Cong/The Hanoi Times

 Buses park at Giap Bat station in southern Hanoi. Inter-provincial bus stations are also less crowded as most people travel out of the city to return home for Tet a day earlier. Photo: Pham Cong/The Hanoi Times

 A passenger pays for her bus ticket at Nuoc Ngam station. She is among the millions of people who have left Hanoi for Tet. Photo: Pham Cong/The Hanoi Times

The places that seem to be the busiest are the flower markets, especially the Quang An Flower Market in Tay Ho District. Thousands of people flock early in the day to buy fresh flowers. Photo: Duy Khanh/The Hanoi Times 

 Going to Quang An flower market is a custom of Hanoians. Although prices go up a bit before the arrival of Tet, locals don't mind going to the market. Photo: Huy Khanh/The Hanoi Times

 People gather in front of a kumquat zone in Thanh Xuan District. Kumquats, along with peach blossoms, are traditional must-haves in every home during Tet. Photo: Le Giang/The Hanoi Times

 A kumquat or a peach blossom branch can sell for a minimum of 300,000 VND (US$12.79). Photo: Le Giang/The Hanoi Times