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Nov 08, 2023 / 23:00

Hanoian deputies appreciate effectiveness of NA’s questioning session

At the end of the Q&A session of the ongoing sixth meeting of the 15th National Assembly (NA), many deputies highly appreciated the effectiveness of the working program, saying that ministers answered frankly.

For the first time, in the 15th National Assembly, the Prime Minister, his deputies, and 21 ministers directly answered questions from deputies.

After two and a half days, more than 400 deputies registered to participate in questioning, including 152 deputies exercising the right to question.

Hanoi’s deputies acknowledged that the session had good effectiveness.

Deputy Vu Tien Loc, a member of the National Assembly Economic Committee, expressed satisfaction with the response content of Government members.

 Hanoi deputy Vu Tien Loc joins the Q&A session. Photo: National Assembly

“In this question-and-answer session, deputies raised expanded groups of issues, expressing the will of the voters and people. Government members must be ready to answer and have a more comprehensive approach to the issue, meeting the wishes of voters. Ministers have also just assumed their duties, but have tried their best to answer correctly and address issues of concern to voters. Specific solutions have been stated,” Loc said.

Deputy Loc said that many National Assembly deputies were satisfied with the ministers' responses, shown by their ability to face issues of concern to voters as well as their clearly expressed attitude of asking for advice.

Deputy Hoang Van Cuong (Hanoi) agreed, adding that the Chairman of the National Assembly moderated the session in a flexible way, closely followed the deputies’ questions, and linked this sector with other sectors, requiring the relevant ministers to provide additional answers.

Cuong said that not only deputies participated in the questioning, but National Assembly Chairman Vuong Dinh Hue himself also raised issues for ministers as high-level questioners.

“The atmosphere of the question-and-answer session was very lively, clear, and to the point. Government members firmly grasped the current situation of the questioned issues, answered frankly, seriously explained, clarified many issues and proposed solutions to overcome troubles. The number of deputies asking questions was also very large, and the Ministers' answers were quite direct, without evasion or beating around the bush," Cuong generally assessed.

For the first time in the 15th term, the National Assembly questioned Government members about the implementation of resolutions of the 14th National Assembly and from the beginning of the 15th National Assembly.

Therefore, this can be considered a major questioning period to review all the promises and commitments of Government members in the previous five meetings and is also an opportunity to point out the direction in which ministers need to be handled in the future.

Therefore, Deputy Hoang Van Cuong hoped that ministers had a more specific roadmap on issues that need to be resolved in the future, and that issues related to many industries and agencies also need to be analyzed.

According to NA Chairman Vuong Dinh Hue, with a wide range of questioning, NA deputies showed a high sense of responsibility, carefully studied the reports, and asked concise, clear, focused questions, going straight to the problem. Government members firmly grasped the current situation of the field they are in charge of, answered frankly and thoughtfully, clarified many problems, and proposed solutions to overcome them.

“NA recognized and appreciated the seriousness and responsibility of Government members in answering questions and receiving opinions from NA deputies,” he said.