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Aug 18, 2017 / 11:11

Hanoi's effort in promulgating public online services

In implementing the 08-CTr/TU Program of the Hanoi Party Committee on “Promoting administrative reform and enhancing the responsibility and quality of service of officials and civil servants and officials”, the City always determines one of the key tasks is to constantly improve the public service.

In order to improve the quality of public service delivery, Hanoi People’s Committee has carried out the project “One-stop-shop mechanism trial of public service delivery in SOEs  and city’s agencies”, making Hanoi the first locality in the country to develop and implement this model. Two piloted entities are Hanoi Clean Water Company No. 2 and Hanoi Employment Service Center providing  two essential services of clean water provision and unemployment support.

After more than a year piloting the model in the 2 entities, the public services bettered off. The services are more accessible to the people; the rates of timely processing, internal control and external supervision have improved. Since the application of this model at the Hanoi Employment Service Center, the people’s satisfaction has increased from 73% to over 80%, said the  Director of the Hanoi Employment Service Center Nguyen Toan Phong.  At Hanoi Water Company No. 2, people’s satisfaction  has also increased from 42% to over 45%.

Following the success of the trial project, the City is expanding  the one-stop-shop model to other public service sectors, such as funeral, health and educational services. The Vice Head of the Funeral Service Board of Hanoi Le Hong Lan said:  The board assigned 30 people to work at “one-stop-shop” division. There are 5 counters for handling procedures. With the large amount of products and services that the board provides, the biggest benefit of  the one-stop-shop mechanism is the transparency of the public service, not only increasing its  accessibility, but also helping people avoid being cheated or overcharged by service brokers.

According to the Vice Chairman of the City People’s Committee Le Hong Son, to unify the provisions of public services under the modern interconnected one-stop-shop mechanisms across the City, Hanoi is developing regulations this mechanism  . 

To make it more accessible  to users, from August 2016, the City People’s Committee has put into operation the online public service portal at the site egov.hanoi.gov.vn, providing 7 public services online regarding birth and death certificate application (to be processed jointly by  public security and social insurance). To date, the City has deployed the third stage legal services to all 584 communes, wards and towns, with the rate of online applications submitted in the whole City (including home online submission and online submission at the communal people’s committees) reaching over 70%.

​Recently, the Chairman of the City People’s Committee Nguyen Duc Chung signed to promulgate the third stage and fourth stage online public services in 2017. Accordingly, the City will  promulgate 375 third stage and fourth stage online public services in the first phase, including 44 district level online public services and 25 commune level online public services. The Chairman of the City People’s Committee also assigned the Department of Information and Communication to  ensure the technical infrastructure to  deploy online public services in the City. The department will work with other city’s agencies and people’s committees at commune level and Nhat Cuong Company to deploy online public services. At the same time, it is required to check and submit to the City People’s Committee a list of online public services deployed for the second phase of 2017 to assure that at least 55% of the third stage  and fourth stage administrative procedures of the City are provided online.