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Apr 06, 2023 / 16:02

Hanoi’s health sector enhances management and service standards

As a consequence of social development and the advancement of scientific knowledge, the capital city's quality of medical services is under pressure to improve continuously.

Hanoi's hospitals have improved their management and service quality to meet residents’ demands, according to Director of the municipal Department of Health Tran Thi Nhi Ha.

"It is crucial for patients that the health sector has better management and higher quality services. The Hanoi Department of Health is striving to control the quality of hospitals to improve the standard of medical examination and treatment services and provide patients with the safest and most satisfying medical care," Ha said.

She noted that as a consequence of social development and the advancement of scientific knowledge, the quality of medical services is under pressure to continuously improve, which is why the implementation principle is patient-centered.

 Doctors examine patients at Saint Paul General Hospital in Hanoi. Photo: Pham Hung/ The Hanoi Times

The leadership of Hanoi's health sector has dramatically adopted a new, realistic management approach after recognizing the importance of hospital management and quality improvement as a "survival factor".

Every three months, the city's Health Department holds conferences on medical evaluation, therapy, and quality management with the participation of public and private hospitals. As a result, many "hot" topics have been discussed, and answers have been found to problems such as hospital hygiene, infection control, medical waste management, nurse stress, and patient care, among others.

"We have also formed a team to assess hospital quality in 2022 and patient satisfaction. A total of 66/83 hospitals, including 26 private and 40 State hospitals, have been examined and evaluated, or 79.5% of the total," Ha said.

The inspection team has recorded ten hospitals with the highest quality rating, including Hanoi Obstetrics and Gynecology Hospital, Thanh Nhan Hospital, Saint Paul General Hospital, Hanoi Heart Hospital, Ha Dong General Hospital, Duc Giang General Hospital, Vinmec International General Hospital, Tam Anh General Hospital, Thu Cuc International General Hospital, Hanoi French-Vietnamese Hospital.

"However, five hospitals still have a low-quality ranking. These hospitals must surmount challenges and put forth innovative efforts to raise standards to serve patients better," Ha emphasized.

The hospitals in Hanoi have invested in upgrading, renovating, and improving facilities. To provide patients with a green, clean, beautiful, and secure environment, most hospitals have significantly improved their landscape and surroundings, adding more trees and flower gardens, installing lawns, and building fountains.

The director stressed that to save patients time and ensure transparency in the payment of medical examination and treatment costs, hospitals in the city have been pushing administrative reform, utilizing information technology, and digitalizing medical examination processes.

"We will implement measures to support healthcare centers, such as training on improving management and quality; concretizing the standards for evaluating hospitals' quality to keep the quality of Hanoi's hospitals improving in the future," Ha said.