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Dec 31, 2020 / 14:58

National Hospital of Tropical Diseases ready for all scenarios to cope with variant of SARS-CoV-2

Last days of the year, when people and families are busy preparing for the New Year celebration, all works run normally at the National Hospital of Tropical Diseases (branch in Dong Anh District). The hospital staff will work during the new year holiday under a big pressure, especially when Covid-19 patients are still being treated, and people are worrying about the new strain of the SARS-CoV-2 virus. However, the hospital staff are ready for all plans and scenarios to ensure safety in all situations.

 Reporters and other patients don’t feel nervous and worried like before when they come to the National Hospital of Tropical Diseases in the last days of the year.
 Because, during a long year of fighting against the Covid-19 pandemic, everyone understood the situation and were always ready to prevent and fight the disease.
 There are no more scenes of patients going in and out worriedly, no rushing steps and anxious expressions of the doctors, but the cars carrying medicine, medical supplies still enter 
 During the peak days of the Covid-19 pandemic, all departments of the hospital were mobilised in the prevention and control of pandemic, now only the General Internal Medicine Dep
 Images taken at the General Internal Medicine Department where Covid-19 patients are treated. There is a large board to separate Covid-19 patients. Medical staff will contact as well 
 Currently, there are 33 Covid-19 patients are under treatment at the General Internal Medicine Department.
 The patients stayed in separate rooms. All daily activities take place inside the room.
 Only in necessary situation required by the doctors, they leave their rooms.
 Talking to reporter of Economic and Urban Area Newspaprt, Mr Nguyen Van Nhieu (66 years old) who has worked in the US for 40 years, said he was born and grew up in Nha Trang city, Khanh Hoa. He has retired and wanted to come home with his family but unfortunately, he got Covid-19
 “Before returning to the country, I was acknowledged that I would be quarantined but I didn’t think that I can be infected with this deadly virus. In the hospital on the days of New Year holiday, it was impatient. Although I have been tested negative for two times, I still have to strictly follow the doctors’ regulations, stay at the quarantine area and follow the guidance of the doctors,” Mr. Nhieu shared.
 One among 33 Covid-19 patients at the National Hospital of Tropical Diseases was tested negative and wished to quickly leave the hospital and come home.
 One patient works in his room during the isolation.
 Dr. Vu Minh Duc - who is working at the General Internal Medicine Department of the National Hospital of Tropical Diseases, always cares the patients with all heart.
 In a protective outfit, doctor Vu Minh Duc always kindly asks about the health of each patient being treated Covid-19 here. The young doctor did not forget to explain carefully and gently so that the patient could understand his health situation.
 In the duty room, electric lights are always turned on during 24 hours that means the doctors are always ready in the fight and prevention from the pandemic. During the past year, Dr. Duc and the other doctors in the Department of GeneralInternal Medicine had to work with high intensity and tension.
 “We usually work in shifts. Each person has 3 weeks in hospital, 2 weeks of isolation and 1 week staying home. Sometimes when I stayed in the hospital for a longer time, my parents impatiently complained “if you spend much time in the hospital, when will you ever get married?” I told myself that I chose this path, so I am determined to devote and sacrifice," Dr. Duc said.
 Doctors and nurses are forgetting themselves at work.
 Meanwhile, in the Intensive Care Department, where 25 patients are treated, doctors are racing against time to save the patients. The room was unusually quiet, there is only the sound of a breathing machine (mechanical ventilator). This space is so different from other normal patient rooms. All people are working hard every hour, every day to get through this scary moment.
 According to doctor Pham Van Phuc who’s working at the Intensive CareDepartment, working here is very hard because the emergency cases are sent to the department constantly. Especially on the days before New Year holiday, the work of the doctors at the department is busy and harder because many patients in other the provinces were sent to the hospital.
 "On the occasion of New Year, the department is always full of patients, at the highest point, there are 27 patients here. Meanwhile, the department has only 4 main doctors, 2 apprentice doctors. The hardest part is Four nurses are the most strenuous people because they have to take care of 25 patients from eating, drinking, bathing, and hygiene ... ," Dr. Pham Van Phuc shared.
 Doctor Than Manh Hung, Deputy Head of Emergency Department, the National Hospital of Tropical Disease said that leaders of the hospital as well as the Pandemic Prevention Committee of the hospital are determined that although the situation is no longer urgent now, it is absolutely that we can not negligent, subjective, but always stay at high alert, ready to cope with new variant of SARS-CoV-2
 "The hospital also thoroughly applies the scenario of the National Steering Committee for Covid-19 Prevention and Control with many possible situations. There is a plan to cope with the situation of only 10-20 patients, or even hundreds of cases under treatment. In the worst situation, when the number of patients is too large, exceeding the treatment capacity, we will call for the help of other medical units," said Dr. Hung.