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Jan 21, 2023 / 15:39

Norway Ambassador expects to visit pagodas in Hanoi in first Tet

Norwegian Ambassador to Vietnam Hilde Solbakken is eager to visit temples and pagodas in the capital city to see how they are decorated for Tet.

Celebrating the first Tet in Hanoi, the Ambassador loves to see Hanoi during a time with less traffic and explore its culture during the biggest traditional holiday of Vietnamese people.

Here is what she wrote to The Hanoi Times about her thoughts on the occasion.

Norwegian Ambassador to Vietnam Hilde Solbakken.  

My husband, our daughter, and I arrived in Hanoi in August 2022. This will be our first Tet in Vietnam. We heard a lot about Tet and its related ritual ceremonies: saying goodbye to the Kitchen Gods, paying tribute to one's ancestors and Mother Nature on New Year’s Eve, picking the first footer… We love Hanoi and look forward to exploring the city during a time with less traffic. We hope to be able to pay a visit to the temples and pagodas in Hanoi to see the decorations and offerings placed there during Tet.

I feel very privileged to be an Ambassador in Vietnam - a very dynamic country with so many opportunities for cooperation. Norway and Vietnam have many shared interests, especially related to the ocean and climate, and transitioning our economies to a greener future.

Tet is a time for hope. In 2023, I hope Norway and Vietnam could continue our close cooperation in multilateral arenas as well as in green transition efforts, especially relating to ocean-based activities and renewable energy. In respect of trade and business, I hope to see more Norwegian companies making green investments in Vietnam. Tet is also a time for peace and love, and I wish the Vietnamese people and readers of the Hanoi Times a joyful and relaxing Tet with the people they love, and all the best achievements for 2023. 

Chúc mừng Năm mới!