Mar 27, 2018 / 22:30

Number of newly established enterprises in first quarter rising

Vietnam has 26,785 newly established enterprises in the first quarter with total registered capital of VND278.4 trillion (US$12.1 billion), up 1.2% in quantity and 2.7% in capital year on year, informed the General Statistics Office (GSO).

The number of newly established enterprises and registered capital have been on the growing trend in period 2015 - 2018, stated the GSO report. 
Illustration photo.
Illustration photo.
Comparing between the first quarter of 2018 and of 2015, the number of newly established enterprises have been 1.4 times higher, while the registered capital is 2.5 times higher. 

Consequently, the average registered capital in the first 3 months is VND10.4 billion (US$455,000), increasing 1.5% over the last year's period. The number of workforce in newly established enterprises were 225,389, down 22.7% year on year. 

The majority of newly established enterprises have registered capital of under VND10 billion (US$438,000), accounting for 90% of total number of newly established enterprises. 

Most of newly established enterprises are in the following fields of wholesale, retail; automobile repairing with 9,218 enterprises (34.4%); construction with 3,599 enterprises (13.4%); manufacturing and processing with 3,265 enterprises (12.2%); science, technologies, consulting, design; advertising and others with 2,022 enterprises (7.5%). 

With regard to registered capital, real estate continues to have the largest portion with VND79.1 trillion (US$3.4 billion), accounting for 28.4%; followed by construction with VND42.1 trillion (US$1.8 billion), or 15.1%; wholesale, retail; automobile repairing with VND29 trillion (US$1.22 billion), or 10.4%; and electricity production and allocation, water, gas with VND19.6 trillion (US$858.4 million), or 7.1%.

In March, the number of newly established enterprises reached over 8,000 for registered capital of VND81.1 trillion (US$3.55 billion), up 2.8% in quantity and down 18% in registered capital compared to February. 

The average registered capital in March is estimated at VND10 billion, down 20.3% comparing to the previous month, while the number of workforce at newly established enterprises in March was 68,979, down 3% over the last month. 

Comparing to February, the number of suspended enterprises in short term was 1,137, down 57.5% year on year; while 2,446 enterprises are waiting for dissolvent, up 57.3%, and 792 enterprises have completed dissolvent, down 18.8%. 

In the first 3 months, the number of newly established enterprises and enterprises resuming operation are 35,234, in which 26,785 are newly established enterprises, and 8,449 are the former.