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Jan 11, 2021 / 12:05

"The song of unity" exhibition opens in Hanoi

The exhibition entitled "The song of unity" is on display from January 8 to February 28 at Hoa Lo prison on the occasions of the 13th National Party Congress and the 91st founding anniversary of Vietnamese Communist Party (February 3, 1930 - February 3, 2021).

The image of Uncle Ho directing the orchestra singing the Unity song taken by photographer Lam Hong Long in 1960, is the highlight of the exhibition underway at the historical relic of Hoa Lo prison.

The exhibition is divided into two parts called "The imprint of the countryside" and "Under the glorious Party flag". 

"The imprint of the countryside" is a display of documents and items related to the farmers, the great contributors to the revolution. In the photo, former Deputy Prime Minister, former Minister of Construction Do Muoi laid the first brick in the ground-breaking ceremony to build up Vinh city, Nghe An province, on May 1, 1974. 

The display area on Dong My commune in Thanh Tri district, Hanoi is a focus of the exhibition. This is the place where the first Party cell in the rural suburbs of Hanoi was formed. The Party Branch of Dong Phu was established in May 15, 1930.

The exhibition also introduces touching stories about people and other lands such as Vo Liet Commune (Thanh Chuong District, Nghe An Province) - the famous place where the Soviet - Nghe Tinh movement erupted in 1930 and 1931. In the photo: Thanh Chuong commune, Nghe An province. 

Historical witnesses visit the exhibition at Hoa Lo prison.

The exhibits on display: A notebook of former comrade Le Tat Dac and the speechby Mr. Tran Quoc Hoan- former member of the Politburo, former Minister of Public Security that are used during the IV National Party Congress on December, 1976.

Two special issues of the Vietnam News Agency to welcome the 4th National Party Congress, which took place in Hanoi, on December 15, 1976 (left) and December 17, 1976 (right).

Visitors learn about history at the exhibition of "The song of unity".

Mr. Nguyen Van Linh, the former member of the Politburo, Standing Member of the Party Central Secretariat, gave the opening speech of the VI National Party Congress, on December 15, 1986.