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Apr 30, 2022 / 06:17

Trinh Cong Son pedestrian street embellished for the big national holiday

The second walking street in Hanoi gets facelift to lure visitors on the occasion of Reunification and May Days.

Trinh Cong Son - the poetic small street on the bank of West Lake became the second pedestrian street in Hanoi as of May 2018. The beautiful 900-meter-long street is surrounded by a lotus pond, a part of the romantic lake and numerous lush green trees.

  1. The street is now undergoing a big embellishment to lure visitors on the occasion of Reunification and May Day Holidays. 
  1. Many cultural activities will be held this weekend, including art performances and street culinary events.
  1. Thousands of tiny led-lights brighten up the green trees, making up a romantic scenery at night. 
A part of the sidewalk was repainted with an impressive color pattern, meanwhile, lights, flowers, mural paintings, and colorful umbrellas make the street’s scenery alive, promising to be a hot spot for locals to take some beautiful snapshots. 
This urban environment worker is taking care of brilliant yellow chrysanthemums.
  1. A short distance away, and eye-catching “flower wall” has just been completed by other workers. 
These workers are trying to complete their work on time to welcome visitors to the walking street. 
With a length of 500m and a width of 14m, this “artistic road” was completed by painter Nguyen Thu Thuy - the founder of the Hanoi Ceramic Road - and her associates within just five days. This “artistic road” is designed based on inspiration from a song by the late famous musician Trinh Cong Son, for whom the street is named after.
The road is adorned with zigzag patterns in four colors, representing Hanoi autumn in a song of the musician, including yellow-green, red-orange, white, and red-violet. 
Painter Nguyen Thu Thuy said that she wishes to spread the romantic spirit in Trinh Cong Son’s music to visitors to the place.