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Aug 10, 2022 / 13:15

Vietnam brings Hung Yen longan to international markets

The northern province of Hung Yen should focus on developing linkages between production, processing, and export by commodity lines, seeking new export markets, diversifying traditional and modern distribution channels,

Vietnam’s Ministry of Industry and Trade will continue to support Hung Yen and other localities to boost trade promotion, product introduction, and trade connection, the farm produces consumption in both domestic and international markets.

 Hung Yen longan is displayed at the event. Photos: Khac Kien

Nguyen Hong Dien, Minister of Industry and Trade pledged at the conference to promote the consumption of longan and farm produce in 2022 on August 9.

He added the ministry would actively support localities to strengthen market forecasting as well as promote the connection between the provincial Trade Promotion Centers and the Trade Promotion Department as well as among centers to share market information and support the expansion of distribution channels for businesses, cooperatives, and producers.

The Minister suggested that the province should focus on developing linkages between production, processing, and export by commodity lines, seeking new export markets, and diversifying traditional and modern distribution channels, both in person and online, to devise their plan of production and consumption of agricultural commodities.

The Minister expected Vietnam's trade offices abroad, especially those in the US, EU, Singapore, Australia, Japan, and South Korea, would strengthen coordination in providing market information and fostering connections to boost sales and utilization of the free trade agreements ​​which Vietnam has signed.

For Hung Yen's farm produce to increasingly dominate the domestic and foreign markets, Dien suggested that the local authorities, businesses, and farmers effectively implement the Ministry of Industry and Trade’s export plan through official channels which were approved by the Prime Minister.

 Nguyen Hong Dien, Minister of Industry and Trade speaks at the conference.

Among the foreign markets, China is still one of the largest for Hung Yen longan. A representative from the Economic and Commercial Counsellor's Office of the Embassy of China in Vietnam ​​said the conference is an opportunity for Chinese consumers to know more about the longan and other typical agricultural products of Vietnam.

He is committed to creating favorable conditions for the export of agricultural products from Hung Yen and Vietnam to the Chinese market while ensuring that they are disease-free.

Speaking at the event, Nguyen Huu Nghia, Secretary of the Hung Yen Provincial Party Committee, affirmed the province's commitment to continue restructuring the agricultural sector and building new rural areas.

“We will help domestic and foreign companies, organizations, and traders access business opportunities, especially those buyers and sellers of longan and other agricultural products in the province,” he added.

At the conference, ceremonies were held to foster consumption of Hung Yen longan and agricultural products in the season 2022 and put Hung Yen longan on the e-commerce platform in 2022  with the participation of the Minister of Industry and Trade Nguyen Hong Dien, the Minister of Agriculture Rural Development Le Minh Hoan and provincial leaders and related units.

Hung Yen province has 5,000 hectares of longan cultivation. Longan production in 2022 is estimated at 45,000 tons. Of the area under longan cultivation, there is 5% early ripening longan, 85% main ripening longan, and the rest late ripening longan. The longan area that has been certified to meet VietGAP standards is 1,200ha, which is about 25% of the total area, belonging to 81 longan production facilities throughout the province.