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Sep 30, 2020 / 11:25

Vietnam customs and USABC cooperate for trade facilitation

Both sides expected to cooperate in the distribution of potential Covid-19 vaccines in the coming time.

The General Department of Vietnam Customs (GDVC) on September 29 held an online conference with the US – ASEAN Business Council (USABC) to discuss measures to further trade facilitation during the Covid-19 pandemic, Hai Quan (Customs) Online reported. 

 Overview of the meeting. Photo: Hai Quan Online. 

The event is a platform to exchange recommendations and solutions between the two sides to better adapt to a new normalcy amid the Covid-19 pandemic, said Senior Vice President of the USABC Michael Michalak at the event, which attracted the participation of major US corporations such as Apple, FedEx, Intel, and UPS, among others.

Mr. Michalak also expected the USABC to discuss in details distribution plans for Covid-19 vaccines in the coming time, as well as providing support for Vietnam’s customs in e-commerce activities and enhancing capacity for sustainable application of breakthrough technologies.

At the meeting, the GDVC’s Vice Director General Mai Xuan Thanh expressed his thanks for USABC’s support over the years, adding the Covid-19 pandemic has had direct impacts on businesses and subsequently on operations of customs authorities.

To further aid businesses, Mr. Thanh said Vietnamese customs authorities would continue to pursue administrative reform in trading activities during and after the pandemic, including the application of e-invoices and simplification of procedures.

Issues related to import and export of medical equipment have been quickly addressed by Vietnam’s customs, including those related to the US, Mr. Thanh informed.

Anticipating a massive movement of Covid-19 vaccine around the world, the GDVC is cooperating with medical agencies to ensure smooth clearance of vaccine shipment in a timely manner, Mr. Thanh suggested.

Additionally, the pandemic is accelerating the development of e-commerce, in turn putting pressure on customs to speed up clearance process, especially for low-value products. However, Vietnam’s current legislation for low-value products, specifically specialized inspection process, is not consistent with that of other countries.

In this regard, the GDVC is drafting a new proposal on regulating e-commerce activities and related trading activities, with a view to facilitating e-commerce and ensuring fairness in tax payment among companies, Mr. Thanh asserted.