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Apr 07, 2022 / 21:43

Vietnam to release national digital platforms for virtual meetings this June

A working group to evaluate online meeting platforms will be assembled in May.

The Ministry of Information and Communications plans to announce national digital platforms for virtual meetings in June. 

 Vietnam will launch national digital platforms for online meetings. Photo: VNPT

The launch of the platforms is part of the ministry’s plan to promote the development and use of the national digital platform for virtual meetings for state agencies and organizations, businesses, and individuals (or the national digital platform for virtual meetings). 

The goal of the plan is the development of virtual meeting platforms, which incorporate high technology, and convenient features and provide a good user experience, for state agencies and organizations, enterprises, and individuals.

According to the roadmap set out in the plan, in April, tech businesses will complete and upgrade the online meeting platforms that comply with the requirements of features, functions, performance, and information security and put them into use.

A working group to evaluate online meeting platforms will be assembled in May. The criteria and technical standards will help local suppliers solve problems put forth by the government agencies as well as local businesses.

After the MIC requested tech businesses to apply the minimum set of technical requirements to evaluate online meeting platforms, which are developed by domestic enterprises, MobiFone, Viettel,  NetNam, Vietnam’s largest IT suppliers, have met with MIC’s Authority of Central Posts to discuss the plan to refine the video conferencing apps according to these criteria.

One among  35 national digital platforms will be chosen for development and deployed at state agencies and technology enterprises across the country.

Besides popular online meeting platforms developed by foreign technology companies such as Zoom, Google Meet, WebEx, and Microsoft Team, the use of Vietnam-made videoconferencing tools has become widespread with applications by Vietnamese providers such as Zalo's Zavi, an online conferencing solution based on the open-source CoMeet (CoMeet Alliance), NetMeeting (NetNam), eMeeting (AIC International Progressive JSC in collaboration with Bkav Group) and OnMeeting (FPT Telecom).