Mar 22, 2020 / 18:05

Vietnam to launch e-government evaluation system this July

An e-government evaluation system will be launched in July 2020.

The Ministry of Information and Communications (MIC) will launch an e-government evaluation system in July to measure the use of online public services in local governments, ministries and branches, ICTnews reported.

 Using online public services is increasing. 

“Thanks to the collection of specific data, we will be able to assess where e-government is rolled out effectively and where it is not”, said an official from MIC. 

Nguyen Phu Tien, deputy director of the Authority of Information Technology Application said that his ministry has sent a written request to ministries, ministerial-level agencies, and provincial People’s Committees to urge a more drastic deployment of online public services at stage 4.

According to MIC, five ministries and five provinces have provided 30% of their online public services at stage 4, the highest level in the scale of online public services in Vietnam.

However, the percentage of public services provided a stage 4 is still low, at only 11.13% nationwide. In five ministries and 14 provinces, online public services at stage 4 make up only less than 5%.