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Jun 20, 2014 / 16:01

Vietnames students' activities in summer holiday

Some students go to the countryside. Others attend music and arts classes. Others have a “working holiday” when they spend time attending private tutoring classes to prepare for exams.

Many parents continue to argue about what is best for their children in the summer, classes or leisure.

Dr. Nguyen Le Hang, Director of TEST, a children development consultancy center, believes that summer is the time for children to play and put lessons aside.

Nguyen Thi Hue, a teacher of the La Thanh Primary School in Hanoi, said she sends her son to the countryside every summer.

According to the Hanoi Education and Training Department’s Deputy Director Pham Xuan Tien, it is a good idea to send children to the countryside in summer.

Hue, who is also an educator, thinks that the biggest problem for urban students is that they only receive theoretical knowledge at school. Bringing children to the countryside is a good way to make them closer to the nature and practice what they learn.

Meanwhile, Dr. Hang suggested taking children to parks and museums, where they can communicate with people and learn from the cultural environment.

While many parents believe that summer is the time for children to play after they finish the academic year, others believe that it is the time for them to review the knowledge they received before.

Tien believes that the best solution is one that allows children to both play and study. Children should be asked to begin learning again in July. However, they should not be forced to study too much.