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Feb 03, 2020 / 18:29

Vietnam quarantines citizens returning home from China for 14 days

These days, the Huu Nghi Border Gate in Lang Son province is quite desolate without presence of Chinese nationals.

All Vietnamese people returning to the homeland from China via the Huu Nghi Border Gate, 17km from Lang Son city, will remain isolated for 14 days even though they show signs of good health.


On February 2, the forces at the border checkpoint in Lang Son processed entry clearance for a bunch of Vietnamese people coming back home from China and decided to put them into quarantine for two weeks.


These people will have their body temperature measured, make health declaration and wash their hands with sanitizer solution.


According to Ly Kim Soi, director Lang Son Health Quarantine Center, they received 32 Vietnamese people sent back by Chinese functional authorities, one of those shows fever symptoms.


Through on-site body temperature test, three other people were detected with a higher than normal body temperature, at 37.3 degrees Celsius. Then they were retested with mercury thermometer to ensure the accuracy.


All staff working at the border gate of Lang Son wear masks to prevent possible contraction of nCoV.


A full-body infrared scanner installed at the border checkpoint to detect people with illness symptoms, and isolate them at once. The device will light up in red to warn of anyone with body temperature above 38 degrees Celsius. Otherwise, it remains green.


L.T.A, 21, returning to his home in Nghe An province from Guangdong, was one of the 32 people sent back by Chinese forces. He was surprised and concerned over the 14-day-quarantine request. Another employee from Hai Duong came back home to attend his father’s funeral. “I heard of my dad's death when working in China. However, I’m isolated here at the border gate. I feel really sad and disappointed,” the worker who requested anonymity said.

 These days, the Huu Nghi Border Gate is quite desolate without presence of Chinese arrivals. 

Photo by Zing.vn