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Aug 10, 2020 / 14:57

Vietnam's IT employees expect to work on solutions to crises similar to Covid-19

IT investment and digital working are highlighted in the latest survey to facilitate the digital future of work.

In terms of employees’ expectation in the complicated situation of Covid-19, 39% of surveyed respondents want their company to work on solutions to similar crises in the future, according to the latest survey conducted by Adecco Vietnam.

 IT employees expect to work on solution for crises similar to Covid-19. Photo: VEN

Going digital is imperative

The survey, which most of the respondents are at manager or director level, working in multinational company in Vietnam, shows that 46% of them prefer companies to provide constant update on business performance and upcoming plan. IT investment and digital working are also highlighted in the survey to facilitate the digital future of work.

According to the survey, the biggest challenges that businesses face during Covid-19 time are remote working such as autonomous work and virtual communication and the unprecedented changes in business plan, work processes and schedules. 

 Source: Adecco Vietnam

A rapid response approach will ensure that workers have the digital infrastructure and knowledge required to work remotely and upskill themselves during this potential second wave of the pandemic. Regular, helpful and transparent communications are also crucial to navigating in times of crisis.

Ha Nguyen, director of Hanoi Office, Adecco Vietnam suggested that employees need to be kept informed about what is happening at the highest level of management in their company. Establishing a temporary crisis management team can help handle step-by-step action strategically to respond to any inevitable disruption caused by Covid-19.

Upskilling and reskilling are key 

During the pandemic the need for acquiring new skills and flexible working emerges. Approximately seven in ten human resources (HR) leaders said problem solving and self-discipline are two new skills HR leaders are looking for in future candidates. Moreover, big corporations also highly appreciate the talents with resilience & ability to lead through digital transformation. 

 Source: Adecco Vietnam

In Vietnam, HR professionals are staying ahead of the curve with 56% confirms that reskilling or upskilling employees on new ways of working are their top priority in the next 3 months. They also focus on boosting employee engagement (54%) and accelerating remote working policy (36%). 

Challenge to optimize leadership style 

The pandemic urges companies to be responsive, resilient, and resourceful under such unique circumstances. During this time, the behaviors which are most important in the manager role are collaboration, problem solving and adaptability (58%). Following are empathy and supportive attitude (51%) and keeping staff engaged with company values and culture (46%).

 Source: Adecco Vietnam

Only 24% of the surveyed companies have launched an internal survey to understand what employees are thinking and feeling, 21% providing mental health program and 12% launching employee recognition program during these tough times. 

“Given the recent unfortunate increase of Covid-19 cases in Vietnam, leading some cities to return to social distancing and remote working, it’s a unique opportunity for managers to re-think their leadership approach,” Andree Mangels, general director of Adecco Vietnam said.

“High EQ is now the gold standard for leaders through this potentially stressful period. We recommend investing time in deep listening combined with the ability to minimize quick judgment and refraining from providing only advice. Promote a culture of compassion and caring will help keep your people motivated, engaged and productive,” he said.