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Oct 12, 2020 / 12:59

Harada seeks partners to distribute plant-based meat in Vietnam

earthmeat, plant-based meat from Europe, is expected to be widely used in Vietnam and other Asian countries.

Japan-based Harada Corporation is looking for import companies and wholesalers to sell earthmeat (the plant-based meat) in Vietnam after distributing the product in Japan, Singapore and Thailand.

 earthmeat was processed and sold for the first time in Europe over 10 years ago.

earthmeat was processed and sold for the first time in Europe over 10 years ago. Being manufactured through unique know-hows, earthmeat has the same texture as real chicken meat with an equally mouthfeel. earthmeat is cholesterol free and low in calories and lipids. It also has more protein and fiber than the real meat, according to Harada’s research. 

“Vietnam, Thailand, Singapore, and Japan - these Asian countries definitely have differences in language, culture, or market prices, but share the same desire to enjoy delicious, nutritious meals for own health, even with different culinary cultures,” Mr. Kota Kinoshita, branch manager of Harada Corporation, Singapore branch, said.

Becoming widely used

 earthmeat is considered as a nutritious ingredient for health.

earthmeat is also widely used as an alternative that helps utilize resources effectively and reduce greenhouse gases, according to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) perspective. 

In particular, in Vietnam, the environment has been affected by the wide motorbike usage for daily transportation and the impact of power plants and factories. Thus, Vietnam has to urgently tackle air pollution, by encouraging companies to focus on producing and selling various products in an environmentally-friendly manner. 

According to Harada’s research, using this alternative source of food could help minimize the resource usage, and greenhouse emission to contribute to air quality improvement. This is due to the fact that conventional meat consumes a large amount of water and grains in the product process and also emits greenhouse gas. 

Furthermore, not only is earthmeat good for the environment due to it being plant-based, it is also considered a nutritious ingredient for health, becoming widely used for a wide range of people such as the vegetarian or the vegans. 

Consumers can fully enjoy the delicious taste and softness of the meat as it retains the absorbed protein but with significantly reduced amount of fat and calories. In addition, it  helps absorb dietary fiber that cannot be obtained from the conventional meat, according to Harada.

In February, meals including earthmeat were sold in Tokyo Opera city canteen for staff for a limited time. Besides, administrative organ canteens have also started selling the meat from July. Hotel and restaurants have joined the list and it is especially popular with the vegetarian and vegan restaurants. 

Established in 1923, Harada specializes in import, export, and sales of equipment and materials for numerous industries, including semiconductor, liquid crystals, information and communication, medical care, caregiving, shipbuilding, building, environment, food, and consumer products.