Wednesday, 21 Nov 2018
Friday, 09 Nov 2018, 18:01
The project is expected to build a wooden exhibition house and a painting process demonstration area, service area, etc.
Tuesday, 30 Oct 2018, 15:12
The Vietnamese government has paid much attention to investing and upgrading Noi Bai International Airport to meet the socio-economic development.
Saturday, 27 Oct 2018, 10:18
With more people than ever flying, cities around the world are building new airports and upgrading old terminals to create facilities capable of handling tens of millions of passengers.
Tuesday, 23 Oct 2018, 20:26
The project is part of Ho Chi Minh City smart-tourism development strategy program.
Saturday, 13 Oct 2018, 21:59
The project aims to enhance the position of Ha Long city and Quang Ninh province in the international area.
Wednesday, 03 Oct 2018, 11:46
At present, nine out of 10 projects have been under construction, and are scheduled to be completed in June 2019, VietnamFinance reported.
Thursday, 30 Aug 2018, 11:04
Airports Corporation of Vietnam (ACV) has submitted to the Ministry of Transport an investment plan to upgrade airports for the period 2018 - 2021 with the vision to 2025.
Monday, 27 Aug 2018, 10:21
Together with Samsung and other foreign-invested enterprises, FHS has helped boost Vietnam’s manufacturing and economic growth since its operation last year.
Friday, 10 Aug 2018, 16:14
The Hanoi's long-delayed metro line has finished the power-up and first trial run.
Tuesday, 17 Jul 2018, 12:37
The Ministry of Transport has instructed Airport Corporation of Vietnam (ACV) to review and adjust the plan for different airports to stay in line with a prime minister-approved plan.
Sunday, 08 Jul 2018, 21:28
Products churned out from ESMO's new plant in Vietnam will meet rising demand from hybrid electric vehicle manufacturers.
Saturday, 07 Jul 2018, 07:45
Recent incentives and high potential of the local aviation industry has driven much appetite from local investors.
Friday, 06 Jul 2018, 16:32
​A project to support environmentally sustainable and inclusive development in the provincial capital cities of Ha Giang, Vinh Yen and Hue was signed today.
Tuesday, 03 Jul 2018, 14:24
The project would give a boost to the transport network and trade in Vietnam’s northern remote regions.
Friday, 29 Jun 2018, 15:49
A newly-issued government resolution requires all Build-Operate-Transfer (BOT) toll stations across Vietnam to install a system for automatic fee collection by 2019 after several projects of this kind has caused public anger.
Wednesday, 27 Jun 2018, 17:28
A representative of the Hanoi government has voiced that five build-transfer (BT) transport projects that have won investment certificates have been carefully selected and in line with law, in response to concerns that this format has been outdated and a lucrative land for misappropriation.
Monday, 18 Jun 2018, 18:51
The total investment of the Da Nang University Village project is estimated as VND8.6 trillion (US$378 million).
Wednesday, 23 May 2018, 16:51
The supervision group of the Hanoi People’s Council has asked the municipal Department of Natural Resources and Environment to work with the city’s authorities in order to reclaim long-delayed projects which violate the current Land Law.
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