Mar 27, 2020 / 11:35

Kindness shines amid quarantine and lockdown in Vietnam

The Hanoitimes - In the midst of Covid-19 outbreak, the Vietnamese government tries to calm the panic mood and normalize the situation as much as possible.

Vietnam's capital city of Hanoi was alarmed after an outbreak of Covid-19 in Truc Bach ward; however, kindness of both the Vietnamese government and people shines amid quarantine and lockdown.

It only took one person to throw the ward into panic as Nguyen Hong Nhung, 26, who flew back to Vietnam from the United Kingdom, brought with her the coronavirus which is sweeping the world.

Until Nhung’s arrival, Vietnam had coped admirably with the Covid-19 pandemic, restricting the amount of patients to just 16, all of whom had fully recovered and been discharged from hospitals.

But since then, figures have gone up and up. The list of Covid-19 patients is added up every day.


One of Quang Long's delicious meal at the quarantine hospital. Photo: Quang Long's Facebook

On hearing about the first coronavirus case in Hanoi on March 6, most residents were worried and started stockpiling instant noodles, rice and other basic necessities.

In the midst of this situation, the Vietnamese government tried to calm the panic mood and normalize the situation as much as possible.

Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc stated that foodstuffs and other necessities are ensured, and promised there would be no shortage.

To curb the spread of the virus, the Vietnamese government put people in quarantine and requested all people, both Vietnamese and foreigners, coming from abroad to pass mandatory 14-day quarantine at concentrated establishments.

For some people, being quarantined is not only a whole new experience, but also a way to show responsibility towards the community.

Pham Quang Long, a manager of a wine restaurant, was placed under quarantine at Campus No.2 of the Central Tropical Hospital 2 in Hanoi’s Dong Anh district after news of the first case in Hanoi.

As his house at No.119 Truc Bach street is behind Nhung’s, Long and family had to be isolated.

"Optimism kept us through the quarantine period gladly. I think the Vietnamese government has done a great job in taking care of the quarantined people," Long wrote on his Facebook.

“I found the facility’s conditions fine. Meals are even better than those from eateries out there on the street with diverse dishes. They gave us food in four days without repeating even one dish. Beds and mats are clean. The toilet is tidy. The bathroom has a water heater. No one interfered with my daily activities, so I felt very comfortable,” Long continued his diary.

“The conditions prepared by the government and given the social responsibility that we need to take, I feel no problem at all,” he stressed and his post received thousands of likes and shares.


Thuy Dung at the quarantine center on February 29. Photo: Thuy Dung's Facebook

Another Facebook note, written by Nguyen Thuy Dung, 28-year-old girl, from the quarantine center in District 3, Ho Chi Minh City, attracted attention of thousands of people. She studies master's degree in International Law, HanYang University (South Korea).

Dung’s optimism and cooperation in Covid-19 prevention earned her a nickname as "Hot girl in the quarantine village" or "The golden girl in the quarantine village."

On her personal Facebook page, the girl retold the whole process since her plane touched down until she was picked up to the quarantine center. “I have a homeland to return, suddenly I feel my love for the country very concretely which used to be quite vague," Dung wrote.

 Ambulance is always outside Phap Van - Tu Hiep residential quarter and ready for emergency situations. Photo: Ngan Nguyen

At student dorms in Phap Van - Tu Hiep residential quarter, Hoang Mai district in Hanoi, Ms. Hoa, with residence in Phuong Mai ward, said that her son, who studied in the fourth year at a university in the US, had just returned to Hanoi and is currently under quarantine on the 19th floor of the building.

"Currently, I cannot provide supplies for him because he still has to do the procedures, but I feel calm because the authorities have prepared all necessary things. I am very confident about Covid-19 prevention work in Vietnam, the government has been doing very well," Hoa told Hanoitimes.

“I hope that this epidemic will be over soon so that everyone can get back to normal life,” she added.

In the isolation area of ​​Hanoi Police Hospital, Nguyen Van T., who has just finished his 14-day quarantine, told Hanoitimes that doctors took care and checked health for all quarantined people with dedication.

Every day, quarantined people were served three meals at their rooms. Living conditions there were very good and comfortable, Van T. added.

He stressed that he would like to express his great gratitute to the Vietnamese goverment for quick response amid the Covid-19 pandemic.

Gavin Wheeldon, a British tourist, has gone viral in Vietnam. He has been isolated in Hanoi since March 14. He has written a daily diary about his life in the quarantine center. In particular, he gave many compliments to Vietnam.

"The quarantine center is very quiet. The soldiers work so hard to disinfect rooms daily, check our body temperature and clean all the trashes. They are very friendly. So far, I feel more like going on vacation than on isolation," Gavin Wheeldon wrote.

"It is clear that the Vietnamese government has been working hard to keep people safe," he stressed.