Apr 01, 2020 / 13:46

What businesses in Hanoi remain operational during nationwide isolation?

The Hanoitimes - Some kinds of businesses and factories are allowed to remain operational to meet the essential needs of local residents, while others have to close as a measure to curb the coronavirus pandemic.

A directive of Hanoi city’s mayor Nguyen Duc Chung issued late on Tuesday stipulates that all the business establishments in the city must stay shut to curb the spread of the Covid-19 pandemic but spares certain kinds of businesses that are allowed to continue opening.

 A convenience store remains open in Hanoi.

Those that can remain open are supermarkets (except for entertainment services, on-site restaurants); commercial centers; wet markets (grocery stores); convenience stores (except for on-site meals); farm produce, vegetable & fruit stores; drug stores and tourism accommodations.

Healthcare businesses; post offices; banking, telecommunications, security services; gas and petrol stations; funeral services; social protection and drug rehabilitation centers can also remain operational.

The directive also requires local residents to wear a face mask and keep a minimum distance of 2 meters when at work as well as offices, and manufacturing facilities need to be disinfected in accordance with the city’s instructions. 

Factories are closed, except for some cases

According to the directive, works at factories, production facilities and construction sites have to be ceased, except those producing basic necessities such as food, pharmaceuticals, medical supplies and equipment for the disease prevention and combat; national security and defense. 

Services of electricity, water supply, environmental sanitation, cattle and poultry farming, aquaculture, water, garment factories producing medical masks and bottled water and juice production remain working. 

Factories, which have to meet contract deadline by April 15, also continue to operate.

These factories have to ensure strict adherence to labor protection and anti-pandemic rules, including wearing a face mask and keeping a safe distance. 

The mayor's directive is in compliance with Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc's request to practice a social distancing period of two weeks until April 15, which is identified as a golden period to stop the coronavirus from spreading.