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Dec 31, 2020 / 14:11

Alliex cooperates with banks to boost Vietnam non-cash payment

Alliex, a fintech company, has cooperated with banks to develop the non-cash payment system nationwide.

Alliex started to deploy its SharePOS service with VietinBank in accordance with the signed collaboration contracts from December 29, 2020.

VietinBank is the first bank of joining Alliex SharePOS service, prepared by the two sides since April 2020 and deployed this in famous merchants as department stores and golf courses. Alliex smart All in One POS terminal can accept various non cash payment method with the advanced technology.

By cooperating to deploy SharePOS service with Alliex, VietinBank will further improve service quality in implementing, merchant support, and ensuring 24/7 service.

From January 2021, besides VietinBank, the SharePOS service will serve other partner banks as well. The implementation proves the commitment of Alliex on cooperating and developing the Vietnam non-cash payment ecosystem. 

 Alliex’s system operation of SharePOS service

Alliex’s SharePOS is a high-tech payment infrastructure that provides services to banks and merchants, thereby banks will be able to focus on their core business in a more efficient and professional way, and merchants will be able to provide various non-cash payments to their customers more conveniently and safely. It becomes one of the methods to promote non-cash payment in Vietnam.

In 2020, under Covid-19 situation it is not easy to mobilize business entities’ asset and experts to set up new business and service, an issue which Alliex has to face. However, with the support of Vietnam government’s special entry program, their engineers were allowed to enter the country last November and set up its operation system successfully in December. Currently, Alliex is operating 2 information technology centers (DC, DR) in different location to support 24/7 service in any situation.

In 2021, the company plans to expand the service by installing more than 200,000 SharePOS terminals and supplying 1 million units nationwide by 2025.

 Alliex POS in merchants

Tremendous potential

Alliex sees the tremendous potential of Vietnam's economy in particular and the whole country in general, especially in the context of Covid-19 being under control in Vietnam. “In such the context, Alliex makes bold investments in Vietnam that is not something anyone can do. We have made great efforts for the development of the SharePOS model, highly appreciating the potential of the non-cash payment market in Vietnam,” Mr. Park Byounggun, CEO of Alliex said.

With the guidance and support of government authorities, and active cooperation from banks, the service began this year, and Mr. Byounggun believes the Alliex SharePOS model will create an ecosystem that helps all Vietnamese customers use non-cash payment services anywhere.

“The company is also willing to contribute to the Vietnamese non-cash payment market and support banks, payment service providers and merchants. This is one of the ways we can contribute to Vietnamese society,” he said.

The SharePOS service by Alliex will provide a payment network that all card issuing banks can use. It is expected to be able to efficiently meet the increasing demand in card payment usage and the supporting policies of the government for non-cash payments and the economy development.  

With a good start, VietinBank will continue to expand the payment network, develop a diversified payment ecosystem and promote non-cash payment in Vietnamese market.