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Mar 02, 2024 / 18:38

Ambassadors' spouses dazzle in Vietnamese ao dai

As many as 57 designers presented their ao dai collections at the art performance.

The wives of five ambassadors to Vietnam dazzled in ao dai (traditional long dress) designed by Do Trinh Hoai Nam during the art performance Vietnam's Scent and Beauty.

The event took place earlier this week at the Ho Guom Opera House in Hanoi to kick off Ao Dai Week (March 1-8 ), during which all women are encouraged to wear ao dai to celebrate International Women's Day (March 8).

The show also features nearly 200 artists, models, and dancers.

Vice President Vo Thi Anh Xuan (third from right) and leaders of the Vietnam Women's Union attend the event. Photo: Kim Ke/The Hanoi Times

The highlight of the catwalk is Do Trinh Hoai Nam's collection entitled Heritage of Five Countries, presented by Indira Gumarova, wife of the Czech Ambassador, who walked in ao dai inspired by Slavic ceramic motifs. She said that she had a lot of fun in this dress because there is no outfit like ao dai in the Czech Republic.

"I am a person who loves traditional values, especially fashion products. I think fashion is always connected to people's lives, and costumes represent changes in a country's culture. For me, ao dai is an intersection of traditional beauty and modern elements. Ao dai is not as complicated as the Japanese kimono, nor as modern as the American power suit, but it is a combination, a harmony. I think the future of fashion is ao dai, the call of tradition in modern times," she said.

She said the ao dai she wore was a blend of Vietnamese and Czech cultural traits.

"Details in the design are taken from blue ceramics, which were imported to the Czech Republic in the 15th century and quickly became an indispensable part of every Czech family. Looking at these details, I feel the familiarity of my homeland and at the same time show the Vietnamese public the similarities between Czech and Vietnamese culture," she said.

Designer Do Trinh Hoai Nam (left) and other colleagues at the event. Photo: Kim Ke/The Hanoi Times

The wife of the Ambassador of Armenia, Valia Kazhoyan, presented ao dai inspired by the Khachkar scriptures. The spouse of the Moroccan ambassador, Ouafae Sehhar, wore an ao dai called Chefchaouen - The Blue City. Meanwhile, the wife of Indonesian Ambassador Kristien Abdi donned The Moon Orchid of Reog and the wife of US Ambassador Suzuko Knapper was gowned in Tribal Sovereignty.

For Kristien Abdi, ao dai has always been one of her favorite outfits, and this time it is even more special because this dress has the pattern of traditional Indonesian batik.

"I think I'm not only wearing a fashion product but also a product of the diplomatic cultures of the two countries. I feel very happy that I can promote the ao dai culture to the Indonesian public and at the same time promote the Indonesian culture to the Vietnamese people," she said.

Photos of the show:

 Nearly 200 models and artists come together for the show. Photo: Kim Ke/The Hanoi Times
A combination of fashion show and art performance. Photo: Kim Ke/The Hanoi Times
The appearance of five ambassadors' wives in traditional long dresses. Photo: Kim Ke/The Hanoi Times
 Wife of the US ambassador, Suzuko Knapper, in the ao dai called "Tribal Sovereignty". Photo: Kim Ke/The Hanoi Times
 Spouse of Armenian Ambassador Valia Kazhoyan in traditional Vietnamese dress called Khachkars Scriptures. Photo: Kim Ke/The Hanoi Times
 Five spouses pose in Vietnamese traditional long dresses. Photo: Kim Ke/The Hanoi Times
 Indira Gumarova, spouse of the Czech Republic Ambassador presented ao dai inspired by Slavic Ceramics. Photo: Kim Ke/The Hanoi Times 
Spouse of the Moroccan ambassador Ouafae Sehhar in ao dai called Chefchaouen - The Blue City.  Photo: Kim Ke/The Hanoi Times 
Indonesian Ambassador Kristien Abdi is fitted with The Moon Orchid of Reog. Photo: Kim Ke/The Hanoi Times