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Feb 21, 2024 / 15:45

Vietnamese Ao Dai shines at London Fashion Week

The young Vietnamese’ designs make people become cultural ambassadors once they wear Ao Dai.

“Love Collection” of Ao Dai (Vietnamese traditional long dress) designs has wowed the House of iKons Fashion Week London. 

 Anna Hoang at the House of iKons Fashion Week London on February 17. Photos: Love Collection

The collection, which captures the essence of Vietnam’s Tet and features the traditional culture, has once again shrined Ao Dai, especially when they are designed by a 15-year-old Vietnamese designer – Anna Hoang.

This is the second time she has been invited to join the fashion week. She received international recognition for her efforts to support charitable causes and promote Vietnamese culture during the ongoing London Fashion Week. 

 Kids perform at the fashion show. 

Anna made headlines on February 17 with her breathtaking Ao Dai collection, which not only lit up the runway with its striking yellow color scheme but also reached a global audience with its profound messages of luck, prosperity, and the joyous spirit of Tet, the Vietnamese Lunar New Year.

Twenty-six finely created designs for adults and children made up the “Love Collection” a visual journey across Vietnam. Filled with customary Tet elements, every piece told tales of Vietnam’s diverse cultural fabric and the timeless concepts of love and optimism

 The Ao Dai collection features the essence of Vietnamese Tet

More than just clothing, Anna’s creations served as a bridge bridging cultures and bringing a fascinated British audience closer to the heart of Vietnam. The response to the collection was not limited to cheers; many British viewers expressed a sincere interest in learning more about Vietnam after being mesmerized by the country’s culture and natural beauty.

The journey of Anna Hoang continued after London Fashion Week. The praise that the “Love Collection” received helped her designs gain greater recognition on a worldwide scale.

Proposals for participation in the Vietnam Cultural Show in London and the Sitara Fashion Show in Scotland were among the many that were extended to her. Anna had the opportunity to accomplish a larger goal in addition to showcasing her work on these platforms. 

 Ao Dai is designed to carry out cultural features. 

The success of the “Love Collection” demonstrates youthful ambition and Vietnamese cultural pride. Anna Hoang and Emily Nguyen co-founded the Love Collection brand in 2019 with the intention of using traditional costumes to honor and promote Vietnamese culture.

Anna Hoang’s story and her Ao Dai “Love Collection” at London Fashion Week are beyond just a style statement.

House of iKons Fashion Week London has been created as a platform to launch emerging designers and creatives to the next level. Models and presenters who have taken part in shows here in London, Dubai, and Los Angeles have also benefited.

 Vietnam's Ao Dai is for both women and men. 
 Kid models talk with the audience.