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Jun 07, 2022 / 21:38

Asia-Pacific Peacekeeping Operations discussed in Vietnam for 1st time

Vietnam has sent more than 500 officers to the United Nations Peacekeeping Missions since 2014.

An annual meeting of the Association of Asia-Pacific Peacekeeping Centers (AAPTC) is taking place in Hanoi, Vietnam, to discuss the regional efforts in the peacekeeping missions amid global unprecedented challenges.

 Delegates at the event launched in Hanoi on June 7. Photos: VNA

The four-day event starting on June 7 titled “Leading innovation: Indo-Pacific Actions Supporting United Nations Action-for-Peace Initiative (A4P) Improving Performance in Peace Operations” is held in Vietnam for the first time since the country joined the UN peacekeeping operations in 2014.

It aims to create a forum connect member countries post-pandemic, share experiences, and reorganize resources to back the United Nations’ Action Program for Peace (A4P) and Action for Peacekeeping Open (A4P+).

Major General Abu Saleh Mohammad Ridwanur Rahman, Chairman of the AAPTC Secretariat, said that the event is significant for promoting cooperation among member countries, connecting them in the motto “Come together for world peace.”

He called on the member countries to explore new opportunities and seek approaches together to identify strategic priorities for the peacekeeping deployment.

Member countries are expected to adopt a series of documents namely joint statement, joint announcement, and supplement to AAPTC principles.

The event is also an opportunity for Vietnam to highlight its role and responsibility as AAPTC’s president and host, enabling it to contribute more to the United Nations peacekeeping cooperation in Asia-Pacific.

 Llt. Gen. Phung Si Tan, Deputy Chief of the General Staff of the Vietnamese People’s Army, speaks at the event. 

Speaking at the opening ceremony, Llt. Gen. Phung Si Tan, Deputy Chief of the General Staff of the Vietnamese People’s Army, said it’s a valuable opportunity for Vietnam and the member states to exchange views and share experiences on challenges facing them in the Covid-19 pandemic. Apart from it, the countries can also join hands to improve the quality of training and prepare forces for UN peacekeeping operations.

According to Major General Hoang Kim Phung, Head of the Vietnam Department of Peacekeeping Operations (VDPO), Vietnam has sent 512 officers to the UN Peacekeeping Missions, including in South Sudan, Central Africa, and Abyei, the theater of a long-running conflict in Africa. These include 76 military officers (military advisors, observers, and liaison officers), 252 medical personnel of level-2 field hospitals, and 184 sappers. 

Vietnam’s 2019 Defense White Paper noted that as a responsible member of the international community, Vietnam is keen on fulfilling its duties while actively cooperating with other nations to address emerging security issues.

Between 2018-2020, the United Nations selected Vietnam as the first country in Asia-Pacific to organize three engineering training courses under the UN Triangular Partnership Program (TPP).

The TPP aims to improve peacekeepers’ capacity in engineering, medical and Command, Control, Communications, Computers, Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance (C4ISR), and camp security through the provision of training and operational support.

AATPC helps enhance the preparedness and effectiveness of peacekeeping missions in conjunction with wider regional and global governmental and nongovernmental efforts through sharing of resources, best practices, and lessons learned; synergizing efforts amongst regional organizations; training and Education information sharing; and attendance at Annual General Meetings.