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Dec 10, 2020 / 11:44

PM calls CLMV to boost cooperation for sustainable development

Country leaders have approved a development framework with vision for the CLMV region to become one of the world’s trade areas and all economies to reach the upper-middle income status by 2030.

Solidarity and cooperation are the only way forward for CLMV countries, including Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar and Vietnam, to achieve prosperity and sustainable development.

 Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc at the virtual summit. Photo: Quang Hieu. 

Vietnam’s Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc stressed the issue at the 10th Cambodia – Laos – Myanmar – Vietnam (CLMV) summit that was held in a virtual platform on December 9.

With the theme “Enhancing connectivity for regional integration”, PM Phuc and leaders of the three regional countries reiterated their commitment to further deepening the long-standing friendship and relations, along with determination to unleash economic potential among countries and contribute to the establishment of ASEAN community.

At the summit, leaders approved the “CLMV Development Framework” with vision for the CLMV region to become one of the world’s business centers and all economies to reach the upper-middle income status by 2030.

 Overview of the virtual summit. Photo: Quang Hieu. 

Among key priorities, all four countries will cooperate to boost high quality infrastructure network; carry out transportation, renewable, green and digital projects; ensure sustainability in financial, social and environment aspects of these projects.

CLMV countries are committed to promoting economic integration and supporting the development of ASEAN Economic Community via trade and investment facilitation; trade, investment and tourism promotion activities; enhancing logistics network; cooperation in smart farming and applying new technologies in agricultural production; cooperation in digital economy, e-commerce and supporting micro and small enterprises to access capital, services and supporting programs; boosting cooperation in sustainable management of water and natural resources, as well as against climate change.

Prime Minister Phuc outlined three priorities for cooperation in the near future, including (1) drafting specific plans to realize targets set in the “CLMV Development Framework”; (2) promoting policies integration to ensure greater efficiency in the ASEAN integration process, focusing on facilitating trade of goods and services among countries, taking advantages of free trade agreements, and carrying out joint projects financed by international donors; (3) enhancing linkage in agricultural production and forming regional supply chains.

At the conclusion of the summit, CLMV leaders approved three documents, including a joint statement of the summit, the “CLMV Development Framework” document and a list of 16 priority projects for cooperation.

Leaders of the four countries agreed for Myanmar to be the next host of the 11th CLMV summit.