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Jun 25, 2023 / 22:03

Groundbreaking of Ring Road No.4 project in joyful atmosphere

On the morning of June 25, the groundbreaking ceremony for the Capital Region's Ring Road No.4 construction project was held simultaneously at four sites in Hanoi amid a festive atmosphere of officials, Party members, and people from the districts through which the project passes and the city.

Hanoimoi Newspaper captured the impressions of residents throughout the city.

Ngo Dinh Tien, Chairman of the Van Binh Community People's Committee, Thuong Tin District: This is a festival for the whole community.

 Ngo Dinh Tien, Chairman of the People's Committee of Van Binh Commune.

Over the past few days, our local government and people have been very excited about being chosen as the starting point for the project's route. The atmosphere here is like a big festival. We have been coordinating with relevant units to concentrate on the best conditions to ensure environmental sanitation, safety, and order for the project initiation.

We expect this major project to change our hometown, and the government and the people eagerly await the groundbreaking day. The local government always strives to complete the assigned tasks and ensure the project's progress. More than 40 hectares of land, including residential and agricultural land, have been completely requisitioned and cleared.

For more than 40 households with residential land within the project's clearance area, we hope that functional agencies from the city to the district will speed up the resettlement process so that people can hand over their land.

Du Thi Luyen, Van Binh Commune, Thuong Tin District: The local people have agreed to the implementation of the project.

 Du Thi Luyen of Van Binh Commune, Thuong Tin District.

As households have given up their land for the project, they were excited to attend the early morning groundbreaking ceremony despite the rainy weather. The locals have eagerly awaited the project for a long time, hoping it will improve the local transportation infrastructure.

Thanks to the project's outreach, residents have realized that it not only connects Thuong Tin District to other convenient locations but also takes the development of the capital region to a new level by creating a cohesive urban space. Therefore, they wholeheartedly support the project and accept compensation for land clearance according to regulations. It is rare for a project to be implemented as quickly, synchronously, and rapidly as this one.

We hope that after the groundbreaking ceremony, the project will maintain its fast pace of implementation, adhere to the schedule, and ensure quality. In particular, the service roads connecting residential areas should be built quickly and with good quality to minimize the impact on people's lives.

Nguyen Viet Truong from Van Giap Hamlet, Van Binh Commune, Thuong Tin district: Excited that the road project has begun.

Our family received compensation for giving up six acres of farmland for the project. We are happy because we have contributed to the construction of a key project and created conditions for the development of our hometown and country.
In the future, we plan to develop traditional handicrafts. As we are located in a suburban commune, we have many job opportunities.

Kieu Van Thuy, Head of Song Khe hamlet, Tam Hung Commune, Thanh Oai District: Where the road opens, prosperity follows.

 Kieu Van Thuy, Head of Song Khe Hamlet, Tam Hung Commune, Thanh Oai District.

Thanks to effective project dissemination activities from the beginning, all residents understand the value and importance of the project in bringing shared benefits to the community.

At the hamlet level, we use every community meeting, conference, and Unity Day to raise awareness so that residents fully understand the principles, policies, compensation levels, and support for land clearance. Any questions or concerns regarding land clearance are reported by the hamlet to higher authorities and quickly resolved by the communal People's Committee, so there have been no major obstacles.

In addition, the project's progress implemented in the commune and others have been continuously broadcast through the district-wide loudspeaker system, spreading the spirit of cooperation among the people.

As a result, the land acquisition work has achieved high results. Our residents hope the project will be implemented with quality and efficiency so that the road will bring shared benefits to the community.

As a farming family whose land was requisitioned (over 400m2), my family handed over the land to the authorities after receiving compensation and support. On the groundbreaking day of this project, we are happy to have contributed our small part to the project's initial success.

Nguyen Van Vang from Tren hamlet, Bich Hoa commune, Thanh Oai district: Happy to have made a small contribution to the project's initial success.

 Nguyen Van Vang of Tren Hamlet, Bich Hoa Commune, Thanh Oai District.

We had a lot of concerns when our land was requisitioned because it was all farmland adjacent to farmland in Ha Dong District, but the compensation and support were lower than that for farmland in Ha Dong District.

Not only my family but also many people whose land was requisitioned expressed doubts and hesitation about giving up their land. However, the village and commune officials explained policies and regulations, so we understood and supported the implementation of the project.

So far, the land transfer for the project has been completed, and the people are all happy and supportive because they understand that the project will not only bring benefits to their locality but also create favorable conditions for the development of our district, contributing to the overall breakthrough of the city.

Ngo Xuan Truong, Secretary of the Party Committee of Tan Dan Commune, Soc Son District: National key projects can improve people's lives.

 Ngo Xuan Truong, Secretary of the Party Committee of Tan Dan Commune, Soc Son District.

The Ring Road No. 4 project is a national key project of great importance to the Party, the State, Hanoi and Soc Son District. Regarding land clearing for the project, we conducted extensive publicity for every resident in the area. As a result, by the time the project started, we had completed all the land clearance work and handed over the land to the contractor.

Today, the Hanoi People's Committee coordinated with all levels to hold a groundbreaking ceremony, and the people in the area were very enthusiastic and excited. The entire community and I look forward to the project being implemented soon, ensuring the set schedule and quality so that the people of Tan Dan Commune, Soc Son District, and other localities in Hanoi can improve their lives through this national key project.

Nguyen Tien Cu of Hamlet A, Thanh Xuan Commune, Son Son District: The project is expected to be implemented quickly, ensuring the right technology and quality.

 Nguyen Tien Cu of Hamlet A, Thanh Xuan Commune, Son Son District.

Once the community leaders disseminated about the project, we were very supportive and agreed to give up our land for the project. We find that where transportation is convenient, people's lives will improve along with the overall socio-economic development. During the implementation process, the township officials have been enthusiastic and dedicated, organizing many meetings with the people to help them understand and support the project.

My family has contributed 2,000 square meters of land (80% of our land) to the project. Since the project is being launched today, we want it to be implemented quickly, with the right technology and quality, so that it can achieve the highest economic efficiency when it is completed and put into use.

However, as a family of six members, we also face many difficulties after we have given up our land. We hope the authorities will consider solutions to support families who have contributed land to the project.

Do Van Toan, Chairman of Song Phuong Commune People's Committee and Vice Chairman of the Standing Committee for implementing Ring Road No. 4 Project: Opening new opportunities for trade and socio-economic development.

 Do Van Toan, Chairman of the People's Committee of Song Phuong Commune.

Among the 12 communes with land within the requisitioned area for the Ring Road No.4 project, Song Phuong Commune has the largest cleared area of over 52 hectares. So far, more than 95% of this task has been completed.

The efforts of the entire political system and the people of the commune were deservedly rewarded when Song Phuong was honored to be chosen as the starting point of the project and the designed location for the "largest roundabout" in the northern region.

The local authorities and people expect that the completion of the project will create favorable conditions for transportation, improve connectivity, open up new trade opportunities with neighboring provinces, and provide a basis for the locality to accelerate its socio-economic development.

Nguyen Dac Tung from Hamlet 5, Song Phuong Commune, Hoai Duc District: Residents will benefit greatly from the Ring Road No. 4 project.

Nguyen Dac Tung, a resident from Song Phuong Commune.

As soon as the authorities spread the word about the project, our family quickly handed over more than 1,000 square meters of land and was one of the first households to receive compensation in the first phase.

Our commune has long been known for cultivating ornamental and fruit trees, with each hectare of land earning up to VND400-500 million (US$17,006-$21,258) per year.

However, residents are always aware of the importance of transportation infrastructure for developing social life. The economic life of the people is increasingly flourishing, and the face of the rural village has improved since the opening of Thang Long Avenue. Therefore, many families are happy to receive compensation and believe that future generations will benefit greatly from the Ring Road No. 4 project.

Although the project has just started today, it has already brought significant changes to the surrounding projects and will help unify and synchronize the area's transportation infrastructure in the future.

Nguyen Duy Doan from An Ha Hamlet, An Thuong Commune, Hoai Duc District: Ready to support public welfare construction and transport development projects.

 Nguyen Duy Doan of An Ha Hamlet, An Thuong Commune, Hoai Duc District.

To serve the construction of Ring Road No. 4, my family has handed over the land twice according to the schedule set by the local government.

Although all the land we have handed over has been used to grow ornamental and fruit trees, which provide high and stable income, we are willing to hand it over for public welfare construction projects, especially transportation projects implemented by the government.

We hope that the people affected by the project will have a clear and complete understanding of the importance of the transportation system, quickly hand over the land, and create conditions for the local government to carry out land compensation work according to the city's schedule.

In addition, we hope that the contractors will speed up the construction progress, ensure quality and complete the Ring Road No. 4 Project on schedule.