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Apr 26, 2023 / 14:36

Hanoi launches Zalo channel for voters' feedback

Through the Zalo channel, the Deputy Delegation of the National Assembly and the City Council aim to interact with the people quickly and effectively.

The Office of the Hanoi’s National Assembly delegation and the municipal People’s Council on April 25 launched a Zalo page to receive feedback and petitions from voters.

 Delegates at the launching ceremony. Photo: The Hanoi Times

The move is part of the Office’s efforts to realize Project No.15 issued by the Hanoi Party Committee last May, which focuses on "Enhancing the capacity, effectiveness, and efficiency of People's Councils at all levels in Hanoi for the 2021-2026 period, in conjunction with the pilot implementation of the urban government model and strengthening rural governance in Hanoi."

In this regard, the Hanoi National Assembly Deputy Delegation and the municipal People's Council have identified digital transformation as a crucial task to improve efficiency, particularly in providing timely information and promoting public satisfaction.

This, in turn, would help foster direct interaction with voters and the public.

Nguyen Ngoc Viet, Head of the Office of the Deputy Delegation of the National Assembly and the Hanoi People's Council said that the Zalo platform is gaining popularity in Vietnam and is considered by many government agencies as the best messaging application to provide official information.

"By using the Zalo channel, the National Assembly Delegation and the municipal People's Council aim to reach voters and people more directly, allowing them to monitor information and provide feedback and recommendations on relevant issues to their elected representatives," Viet said.

In recent months, the Office of the Deputy National Assembly Delegation and the municipal People's Council had partnered with IT company VNG - Zalo's parent company - to optimize the channel's functions. Through the site, users would have direct access to the website of the National Assembly Deputy Delegation and the municipal People's Council, as well as the city's feedback page, voters' recommendations, and meeting documents from previous working sessions of the council.

At the ceremony, Pham Qui Tien, Vice Chairman of the Hanoi People's Council, highlighted the efforts of the Hanoi National Assembly Delegation and the Hanoi legislative body in embracing digital transformation to improve the quality of their services to the people and constituents.

"By using social networks such as Zalo to communicate their activities, legislative bodies aim to improve satisfaction, transparency, proximity, and modernity for voters and citizens," Tien said.

He asked the Office of the Deputy Delegation of the National Assembly in Hanoi and the Hanoi City People's Council to be the lead and closely coordinate with all parties involved to effectively manage the channel, especially with VNG, to promptly implement features that provide timely and accurate information to voters and the public.

To access the channel, voters can search the username "Đại biểu Nhân dân thành phố Hà Nội" (Hanoi People's Representative) on the Zalo application. By pressing the "Quan tâm" (interested) button, they can receive news feeds about the activities of the deputy delegation of the National Assembly and the Hanoi People's Council.