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Nov 04, 2020 / 17:55

Hanoi seeks to smooth goods supply-demand with other localities

A conference to promote trade between Hanoi and other provinces and cities will take place in the capital city.

Under the theme "Multichannel trade - Linking the value chain towards sustainable development", the Hanoi Promotion Agency (HPA) will hold a conference on November 25 to discuss ways to improve the supply - demand of goods between Hanoi and provinces and cities.

 Hanoi will host the conference "Trade connecting supply - demand for goods between Hanoi and provinces and cities in 2020".

The conference will examine the results of cooperation between Hanoi and other provinces and cities in the field of trade and agriculture in 2019 and the first 10 months of 2020. Discussions on the cooperation plan for 2021 and the period until 2025 are also included in the agenda. The conference will offer delegates an opportunity to share experiences in the process of production, processing, preservation and consumption of products, as well as the digitization of the origin of products to create sustainable consumer confidence.

During the conference, businesses from Hanoi and other provinces will also share experiences in applying e-commerce and technology, increasing online connection among businesses, as well as promotion activities, enhance sale in the domestic and foreign markets and digital transformation as well as  facilitate the trade of specialty products, ensure food safety of agricultural and OCOP (One Commune, One Product) products and their sales in the distribution channels in Hanoi.

Products to be showed at the conference include those that the localities hold advantages of as well as their specialties, with clear origins, which meet the prescribed standards, safety and provide full information about the manufacturers.

The focus of the discussion will also be confectionery products, agricultural, forestry products, seafood, processed foods, beverages, rice, spice products, fruits, vegetables, and fruits for consuming in the whole year, for New Year and the Lunar New Year in 2021.