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Nov 12, 2021 / 16:06

Hanoi's weekend entertainment: Exhibitions at Manzi Art Spaces

Two funky exhibitions by Vietnamese artists would entertain Hanoians and expats alike this weekend.

Manzi Art Space and the Goethe Institut offer amazing shows this November in Hanoi.

The solo show by Hanoi-based artist Nguyen Tuan Cuong titled “Fragment of Nostalgia” will be held until the end of November at the Manzi Art Space, No 14 Phan Huy Ich Street, Ba Dinh District. Meanwhile, the installation art entitled “LoveCore” by AP Nguyen will be displayed at Manzi Art Space, No 2 Hang Bun Lane, Ba Dinh District.

The space of Fragments of Nostalgia exhibition by Nguyen Tuan Cuong. Photo: Manzi Art Space

Fragments of Nostalgia’ features Nguyen Tuan Cuong's latest lacquer works, continuing his signature series of still life paintings. Overstepping its own boundaries of the familiar serenity and stillness, Cuong’s practice this time has gone further than the subtleties in the technique or the poetry in the representation.

The lyricism has become more demanding while the narrative gets more compelling, ‘Fragments Nostalgia’ uncovers the interrelationships in space and time, provides the reflection on presences and absences, shapes and shadows in liminal space.

According to renowned artist Oanh Phi Phi, when admiring Nguyen Tuan Cuong’s paintings, audiences are invited to enter inside an intimate and dusky interior. She stated that “Forms seem to come into view but stay buried under the penumbra of Son ta. These domestic bowls, jars, and lanterns transport us to a time in the past of oral traditions.”

The artwork is titled The antique bowl No.24 by Nguyen Tuan Cuong. Photo: kiettacnghethuat.com

The first-ever installation by AP Nguyen is called ‘LoveCore’. Through the display, the artist also welcomes audiences into her personal treasure trove which has been accumulated over the years and openly displays - for our viewing pleasure - the objects of her own desires and dreams, in all their brilliance, vulnerability, and honesty.

The Hon non bo (Vietnamese art of making miniature landscapes, imitating the scenery of the islands, mountains, and surrounding environment as found in nature), ao dai (Vietnamese traditional dress), picture frame, among others are among various displayed items at the installation.

The space of the 'LoveCore' exhibition by AP Nguyen. Photo: Manzi Art Space

According to curator Bill Nguyen, appearing in this showcase are a few objects, phrases and images, selected from AP Nguyen’s ongoing project which started in 2017 when the artist left Vietnam to study and live abroad.

“Embracing her position as someone twin-cultured, having always been fascinated by both the kitsch and camp, and to all things ‘quintessentially Vietnamese’, AP Nguyen makes art that takes inspiration from, brings together, and at times, sits uncomfortably between personal memories and public imagination,” he wrote. 

These events are part of Manzi’s art program supported by the Goethe Institut.