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Sep 21, 2021 / 13:21

Manulife Vietnam launches employee well-being initiative and announces 5 extra personal days

The team has made its best efforts to ensure its customers and distribution teams being well looked after.

Manulife Vietnam has announced the launch of "Fuel Up Fridays", a new global initiative designed to support the wellbeing of its employees. Commencing in September 2021, Manulife Vietnam will dedicate the second Friday of each month through the end of the year to "fueling up" through a morning of collective learning, followed by an afternoon off to recharge in support of physical and mental health.
In addition, Manulife Vietnam is once again giving its more than 1,000 employees five additional personal days to use during 2022. The gesture is in appreciation of all the hard work they've done helping make every day better for the lives of millions of people across Vietnam.
The extra personal days and the "Fuel Up Fridays" initiative have been extended to Manulife’s 37,000 strong global workforces.  

“The pandemic has been a challenging time for many in the community and I am both inspired and extremely proud of the resilience that our employees have shown,” said Sang Lee, CEO of Manulife Vietnam. “Our dedicated team has risen to the challenge and continues to work tirelessly to ensure our customers and distribution teams are well looked after.”

“The health and wellbeing of our employees is also a top priority and we are continuously looking for new and innovative ways to ensure our people are not only recognized for their efforts but also have a chance to refresh and refuel their minds and bodies.”

Throughout the pandemic, Manulife has been guided by its commitment to support the wellbeing of its employees around the world and to promote a greater sense of connectivity, engagement, and inclusion. Earlier this year, Manulife launched "Elevate", a global program of activities and celebrations around healthy living, and also marked the second "Thank You Day" off for all colleagues.
As Vietnam continues to fight back against the fourth wave of infections, Manulife Vietnam has further enhanced its COVID-19 support program for employees.

Manulife Vietnam has been regularly named in Anphabe’s annual ‘Top 100 Vietnam Best Places To Work’ survey. In the 2020 survey, they were ranked No.1 in the insurance industry category and No.16 on the Top 100 list of companies in Vietnam.