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Sep 26, 2020 / 09:51

The Final of 2020 Hanoi Singing Contest will be filled with youthful vitality

The Final of 2020 Hanoi Singing Contest is going to take place on October 8th evening.

The Final Round of 2020 Hanoi Singing Contest will witness the competition between the 10 most talented and exceptional contestants who have been selected from 81 candidates participating in the Semi-final. The most special thing this year is that the contestants are very young.

 Pham Linh Phuong – student of Hanoi College of Art – is the youngest contestant to reach the Final.

Among the top 10 finalists, the youngest is Pham Linh Phuong, a student of Hanoi College of Art – the little girl born in 2004 from Hai Phong surprised the Jury and the audience by choosing “Lu Dem” (Night Flood) – a very composition by musician Duong Cam, once performed by "judge" Duong Hoang Yen and which is very difficult to interpret.

Although only 16 years old, with her experience in singing from an early age and "battling" in some contests, Pham Linh Phuong confidently performed and "defeated" 2 older contestants who also chose “Lu Dem” – an excellent finish of Linh Phuong. 

Besides, the second youngest contestant is Dinh Thi Thu Thuy (born in 2003) and also a student of Hanoi College of Art. Thu Thuy chose “Giac Mo Dai Dang” (The Persistent Dream) by Nguyen Vinh Tien, and with youth and freshness as well as a relatively good technical foundation, Thu Thuy also successfully performed her song and was selected by the Jury for the top 10 Final ranking.
In addition to the two youngest contestants, Linh Phuong and Thu Thuy, there are other names such as Bui Tuan Ngoc, An Thi Minh Hang and Nguyen Thi Minh Ngoc, all of whom were born in 2000; An Thi Minh Hang and Bui Tuan Ngoc have won very high scores, taking turns occupying the top 2 places in the Semi-final.

 Contestant Dinh Thi Thu Thuy “conquered” the jury in the Semifinal.

All of the other 5 contestants are of the '9x' generation, with youthful and novel voices. Ngoc Ha (1993) really “transformed” while singing “Tu Phu” (Four Realms) - one of Hoang Thuy Linh’s "hits" in 2019. Huu Trung (1997) with his baritone and chamber music style staged a very sweet and delicate performance of the once-famous “Nhung Ngoi Sao Dem” (Night Stars). Nguyen Quoc Tuan (1997), although opening the Semi-final, excellently and colorfully performed “Ngai” (Mister) by Vu Minh Tam, thereby breaking the "curse" that the opening singer is always eliminated in singing contest, which has long been spread among contestants. Bui Duong Thai Ha (1998) – considered as the beauty of this year's contest, possesses a beautiful appearance and a very distinctive voice. Thai Ha delivered an excellent performance of “Nguoc” (Reversed) by Ho Hoai Anh and “conquered” the jury.

Contestant Tran Phuc Minh is regarded as a "strange breeze" of the top 10 in this year’s Final. While the 9 above-mentioned candidates are all music students, Phuc Minh is the only "amateur" as he is currently a young dentist at a private hospital after graduating from Hai Phong University of Medicine and Pharmacy. Despite not having a single day of musical training, with his innate talent, burning passion for music and serious preparation for the contest, Phuc Minh really won the hearts of the audience and all of the 5 difficult judges when he "explosively" and enigmatically performed “Khong Gio” (Hour Zero) by Pham Tran Phuong.

The Final of 2020 Hanoi Singing Contest is going to take place on October 8th evening at Hanoi Cultural House – Sports Training and Competition Center, where each contestant is going to perform 2 songs, including one about Hanoi.

In addition, the Final night is also going to enjoy the welcoming performances of a number of music stars and the winners of Hanoi Singing Contest in recent seasons. The program is going to be broadcast live on channel 1, Hanoi Radio and Television.