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Nov 15, 2022 / 22:29

Vietnam's National Assembly concludes 4th session

The session ended with ratifying six laws and 12 resolutions and giving opinions for eight bills.

After 21 days, the 15th National Assembly successfully concluded its fourth session and completed the working agenda.

 Chairman of the National Assembly Vuong Dinh Hue during his closing speech. Source: quochoi.vn

In his closing speech, Chairman of the National Assembly Vuong Dinh Hue highlighted the responsibilities of all deputies for completing a huge work volume with high consensus.

“The session ended with the ratification by the National Assembly of six laws, 12 resolutions, and giving opinions for eight bills,” Hue said.

In addition, the 4th session devoted significant time to discussing the Government's efforts in socio-economic development, the state budget results, and the public investment plan for 2022.

“The National Assembly highly regarded the country’s comprehensive achievements in economic growth, national defense, and social welfare,” said Hue.

Meanwhile, he continued that foreign affairs works from Party and Government leaders have further enhanced Vietnam’s status and reputation on the international stage.

For the future, Hue emphasized the need for the government to maintain macroeconomic stability in all circumstances, address bottlenecks in the disbursement of public investment funds, resolve weak banks and public projects operating at a loss, and promote solutions to improve climate resilience.

He expressed concern about the current fuel shortage in several cities/provinces, the increasing number of medical staff and teachers leaving their jobs, and the lack of medicines and medical equipment in public hospitals.

Meanwhile, Hue noted that the legislative body has carried out its supervision work on implementing the law on being austere and preventing waste during the 2016-2021 period, mobilizing huge participation of deputies from 63 provinces/cities and people's councils at all levels.

“Preliminary results from the works have resulted in changes in awareness and responsibilities of Government agencies regarding thrift practice and waste prevention,” he said.

Following the conclusion of the supervision works, the NA has issued a resolution on strengthening the implementation of regulations on being austere and preventing waste, calling on the Government, ministries, and agencies to identify the root causes of this and raise the responsibility of leaders in their organizations to address existing shortcomings.

During the fourth session, the National Assembly elected vital personnel, including the General State Auditor, the Minister of Health, and the Minister of Transport for the 2021-2026 period.

The deputies have also agreed to show information about the place of birth in the passport to guarantee the rights of citizens when they go abroad.

The National President requested that the Government promptly put into practice the resolutions and laws approved in the fourth session and that the deputies hold meetings with the voters to report the main results of the session.

"The deputies are expected to maintain a close relationship with the voters and actively monitor the efforts of the authorities to deal with the complaints and the recommendations of the people," Hue stressed.