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Jul 03, 2021 / 19:49

Hanoi takes on administrative reform online

This year, Hanoi aims to keep the satisfaction rate of people, organizations, and businesses on public administration services at a minimum of 85%.

Hanoi's authorities are pushing up administrative reform through data standardization in the one-stop window system, which is a key objective in creating more convenience and satisfaction for people and enterprises.

This year, Hanoi aims to keep the satisfaction rate of people, organizations, and businesses on public administration services at a minimum of 85%, 99% of results are returned on time, and 30% of public services are available online at advanced stages of three and four out of a four-level scale.

 Instructing citizens on realizing administrative procedures online at Son Son District People's Committee. Photo: Pham Hung

Under document No.1392/UBND-KSTTHC from the Hanoi's People’s Committee that calls for local authorities to proceed with administrative reform and promoting the development of e-government in state governance, departments and units are tasked with revising the existing legal framework on the implementation of the one-stop window system and interconnecting one-stop window system for handling administrative procedures.

“Incorporating the city’s database on citizens and business registration into the national public services portal and single-window system at ministry-level would help simplify steps the locals need to realize administrative procedures,” noted the document.

In 2021, Hanoi is expected to complete the digitalization process of returning results from administrative procedures by 30% at city-, 20% of the district- and 15% at ward levels. By 2022, such rates should be improved by at least 20% and an average increase of 30% by 2025.

To realize this goal, the municipal People’s Committee urged local units to continue expanding the use of e-document, e-signature, and processing daily tasks online.

Over the past years, Hanoi has identified administrative reform as one of the key objectives for 2021.

As of the first quarter of 2021, Hanoi has simplified 87 out of the total 382 procedures subject for review, or 22.7%.

To date, Hanoi has incorporated 1,880 administrative procedures into the city’s public services portal, resulting in the process of nearly 400.000 online applications with over 90% returned on time.

The city also ensures 100% of administrative procedures are settled via the one-stop scheme, for which the result would later be published on the national database of administrative procedures.

The municipal Party Committee on March 13 issued program No.01-CTr/TU on “Enhancing the Party building process to ensure a strong and healthy development of the municipal Party Committee, and pushing for administrative reforms in the 2021 – 2025 period.”

The program is part of the resolution adopted at the city’s 17th Party congress for the 2020-2025 period, aiming to enhance the efficiency of local agencies’ governance.